What to Look For When Deciding If a Restaurant is Good

When you think of your favorite restaurant, the delicious food, the beautiful venue, the service, and the ambiance that makes the restaurant so unique is what typically comes to mind, right? Do you tend to follow food blogs or take advice from Yelp to help guide which restaurant you choose to dine? Whether you’re looking to grab a quick lunch or have a casual dinner with friends, the restaurant needs to have something that makes it stand out and want to come back again. We’ll dive into what makes a restaurant so great below.

Of the various things that make a restaurant so great, the first one that comes to mind is food, right? I know when I’m looking for the best Italian restaurant in the Encinitas, I need a plate of food that is going to knock me off of my feet. There is something quite gratifying about knowing that every ingredient in your food is freshly prepared and that it will reflect in the taste as well! When you see smaller menus as opposed to larger ones, it can be a sign that each plate is prepared made-to-order, instead of pre-made options that tend to be found on larger menus.

Best Restaurant

Another good sign to look for is when a restaurant is filled with locals from around the area, especially when in a tourist location. Locals typically have a good idea of the best places to eat around their city! So if you’re ever traveling and want to try a restaurant that has good, quality food as well as an enjoyable dining experience, look for a location that is busy or ask a local!

Good service can outweigh any dislikes you may have had for a restaurant, such as bad spacing of tables or a noise control problem. However, if your server was attentive, welcoming and genuinely had a great attitude, a minor mishap will certainly be outweighed by the wonderful staff. When you walk into a restaurant, take note of the staff and the energy. A wonderful dining experience includes the entire staff!

If wine is a must when dining out, be sure to ask your server to give recommendations based on what you will be ordering. Since they’re experts in culinary excellence, their suggestion tends to pair well with anything you may order! Many restaurants have their wine list online as well so you can get a quick peek before even entering the restaurant.

Protip: Don’t think that just because a wine is more expensive than an another that it’s better because that is not the case all the time.

There are many things to take into consideration when thinking about what it is that makes the restaurant you enjoy so much to be great, and it’s not just the food. Many times the atmosphere is just as important as your steak cooked to perfection. The waitstaff can also make or break your dining experience so be sure to ask a local or do some research before selecting a restaurant.

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