Travel Abroad Tips

When you travel abroad, naturally it is best to travel light. However, it is also true that you want to buy a number of things while you are travelling. If they are something light and small, you can, of course, pack them in your suitcase and bring them home with you but what if you find something you really want to buy but they are very big or heavy?  If they are too big, you can carry them with you by paying the airline the additional charges for excess baggage but it is usually very expensive and more importantly there is a size limitation. If your travel destination is Japan, there will be a number of things which you want to buy and bring home. Many things sold in Japan are high quality.

You may want to buy some pieces of Japanese antique furniture or some electronics like washing machines or fridges. Some people may want to buy used analog records and others may want to buy bicycles.

In such cases you can use the services of a shipping company like JLE International Moving Company. They can arrange collection from basically anywhere in Japan including hotels you are staying. They speak English so if you buy a number of things in Japan or buy something very large or heavy like pieces of furniture, try contacting them and ask for a shipping quote.

If you are shipping something that have been bought while your stay in Japan, then they can be cleared though Japanese customs as unaccompanied personal effects. Some moving companies in Japan say that you can ship unaccompanied personal effects only if you have been a resident there but travelers to Japan can ship the goods they purchased as well. Service by air is actually quite reasonably priced for small shipments so if your shipment does not weigh very much, you may want to ship by air. The destination airports are listed as well.

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