6 Great Video Players To Install On Your Phone Tablet

If you’ve got a cool Android phone tablet, you should never underestimate its capability to play videos. Android phablets in the 6-inch range offer the perfect balance between portability and ease of viewing.

However, the app you use to view those videos you have on hand will determine just how effective your phablet will be at playing vids.

So without further ado, here are six great video players to work with on your Android phone tablet:

  • MX Player – this particular player is one of the most popular choices on the Android platform for a reason. Hardware acceleration, multi-core decoding, gesture controls that manipulatephone tablet even the subtitles and a nifty screen lock to prevent accidentally closing the video while moving the phablet around. Supports a wide range of file types, from common ones like .AVI and .MP4 to more exotic ones like .MKV and .RMVB. Free to install, with the option to buy a premium ad-free version.
  • VLC for Android Beta – the venerable VLC Media Player is an established leader in the Windows platform; capable of handling multiple file formats as well as high-definition 1080p videos with ease. This test version is VLC translating its technologies to work with Android tablet phones, and is one that you should definitely try out. If you don’t want to work with software that is still in the beta phases – even if it is free – then at least keep an eye out for when the developers fine-tune the final version.
  • Omni GIF (APNG) Player –if you’re the type to hoard fun and interesting GIF files on your Android phone tablet, then you’ll definitely want to install the Omni GIF Player to make viewing and sharing a whole lot easier. It comes with a whole host of useful features, like play speed controls and step-play to view GIFs frame-by-frame. There’s a free ad-supported version and a paid version that comes with no ads.
  • FLV Video Player (Bit Labs) – Adobe may have discontinued support for Flash on mobile devices like Android phone tablets, but that doesn’t stop developers from finding ways to make those .FLV videos work on mobiles. FLV Video Player by Bit Labs is a simple app that emphasizes the playback of .FLV files – very useful if you often find yourself often downloading Flash videos from various sites around the Internet.
  • SWF Player (issess) – speaking of Flash, .SWF is another file format that is used for interactive Flash-based videos or games. SWF Player by issess is an excellent choice for Android tablet phones. It not only plays .SWF files, but also has support for zoom, full-screen, play/stop controllers, a virtual mouse and even a built-in file browser to find and open .SWF files. You can choose between a free but ad-supported version, and there’s an ad-free but paid version.
  • Media Converter (antvplayer) – Media Converter by antvplayer is not a video player, but it may let you watch videos that don’t normally work. If you have a particular file stored away on your Android-based phone tablet but can’t quite get it to work no matter what player you use, then you may want to convert that file into a format that your device can actually read. Also comes with a nifty feature to ‘chop’ a particular segment of a video or to extract the audio in the file to listen to and even use as a ringtone if you want to.

Load these six great apps on your Android phone tablet, and you should be able to handle all sorts of video files on your device!

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