Why It Is Important to Protect Water Sources

It can be easy for people to forget just how much water there is on the planet. It is estimated that 75 percent of the planet is water. That includes the water in oceans, lakes, rivers, ponds, and streams. Every single one of these sources of water are a essential to life on this planet.

But you might ask, why is it so important to not only do Marine surveys, but to also to monitor even the tiniest streams of water on the planet? Simply put, every drop of water on the planet is interconnected. The tiniest stream of water will eventually find its way into the world’s oceans. So if even a tiny stream in some remote part of the planet is contaminated, it will eventually affect everything downstream all the way to the ocean.

Additionally, humans get the majority of their drinking water from lakes and rivers. Even though water is treated before it is consumed, it is still essential to protect the initial water source, and this includes the tiniest stream of water.

It is important to remember that humans are not the only creatures on the planet. The trillions of plants and animals that live on the planet depend on the watersheds. The cleaner the water, the healthier the entire food chain. If there is a little stream of water that is polluted and the water is ingested by tiny bugs that are then ingested by fish, it will eventually find its way into the food that humans eat.

An interesting thing about the human connection to water is that humans don’t just use water to drink. Humans use water as a source of recreation. If a person was to describe the ideal vacation, they would often describe being at a beautiful resort on the ocean. They would talk about laying on the beach and splashing in the water. For others, the ideal vacation is going to a large lake and going fishing. Some will want to go canoeing down rivers. Others would like to visit places where there are majestic waterfalls. And others would like to go skiing or snowboarding in places where there is snow, or frozen water.

Finally, poor water quality has a detrimental effect on communities. It is usually the disadvantaged communities that disproportionately suffer when water sources are not protected.

Thankfully, there are agencies out there that are dedicated not only to monitoring large bodies of water, but also guaranteeing that even the smallest natural trickle of water is protected and kept contamination free.

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