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Skillshare has brought expert teachers together to form a community from all around the world to share their expertise with other people who have interest to learn the advanced concepts, emerging trends and developments in the field they choose. Students can achieve successful career through the great concepts taught here. Select and customise the lessons to master the skills in the field you choose even if it is your hobby. Impress yourself by learning the strategies, tricks, tips and techniques to master the subject you are interested in and also by sharing your knowledge with others by teaching through Skillshare.com.

Structure of the classes

Skillshare is online learning platform where the classes are offered through internet. Learners can stream the tutorials from anywhere in the world even when travelling in a plane by just signing into your account. Structure of classes is designed systematically for making the students learn progressively from basics to advanced concepts. It is student centric and classes are not delivered just through online lectures,but it is more interactive where teachers interact with the learners while teaching, guiding them in applying the concepts.

Their motto is ‘learn by doing’ and the classes reflect this same idea where learning is made practical through hands-on learning sessions. Learners are assigned with engaging class projects for every lesson they learn and this is the best way of teaching the subjects which need more practice and experience rather than just knowing the concepts. New learners can get access to thousands of classes by signing up with an account at Skillshare.com or can sign up using Facebook or Google account. The classes are designed, drafted and pre-recorded along with the projects before they are uploaded and published for the viewers.

Teaching and freelancing

Easy learning of the fundamental as well as advanced concepts through fun-filled engaging interactive practical classes is brought through effective teaching. Skillshare providesopportunity to become a teacher for anyone who are willing to teach and can share their skills effectively. Join Skillshare teaching academy and take up the 30 day teaching challenge to become one of the best teachers even if you don’t have online teaching experience. Get paid for the lessons you teach and also get thousands of viewers, followers, recommendations and reviews of your lessons. Grab the opportunity to freelance with Skillshare to share your amazing lessons and fill your day sharing and learning skills. Learn, teach and share your skills easily.


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