What to Look For in a Good Pizza Stone

Pizza Stone

Pizza needs a tremendous amount of heat to effectively cook and what’s more, the heat supplied needs to be constant and uniformly distributed. Conditions that are incredibly hard to achieve with just a regular oven hence why you need a pizza stone to help attain the optimum cooking environment, akin to that provided by a brick pizza oven, required to ...

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A Non-Dairy and Gluten Free Lovers Dream Company

The world of non-dairy and gluten free foods can leave many people with a tiring battle to find the best tasting foods. Now introducing “Taste This Foods”, designed by celebrity TV Chef Joe Ciminera has many people writing. A walk through Chef Joe’s kitchen in Bellmore was similar to a tour at Willy Wonka’s Factory. The aromas of dried rosemary, ...

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Product Sampling Explained and Espoused

product sampling

Presumably you’ve been a customer in a supermarket before and have noticed the small kiosk where a disgruntled looking employee is handing out free samples of a new snack? This is product sampling in its simplest form and whilst it might not look particularly glamorous and could seem a little antiquated in this great, technological age, it’s actually one of ...

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It was a rainy afternoon 6 years ago when I visited a homeopathic doctor that told me I looked terrible on the inside. She told me I seriously needed to change my diet. That was my first wakeup call of many in connection to food. After that I slowly started thinking more about what I ate but it took time ...

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