Home Improvements that Can Improve Your Health and Wellbeing

Most modern people spend more of their life in their own home than any other environment. So the home has great influence over your physical and mental health. Various aspects of its design, furnishings, lighting and products that you use, can help or hurt your health. No matter if your home is large or small, here are some things you can control, to make your space a happy and healthy place to call home.

Proper Lighting

Our bodies and brains work best when we are exposed on a daily basis to natural sunlight. Normal incandescent lighting gives of light frequencies that do not accurately match those of the sun. If that is your primary source of light, you can become depressed or have anxiety. Open the curtains and let more natural light in when you can. Also, choose bulbs that have a high color temperature or are marketed as being bright white. Or save money and use LED lights, which only use 1/10th the energy of regular bulbs. The exception to this rule is the bedroom. The upper part of the light spectrum promotes wakefulness. Full spectrum lighting can trick your body into thinking it is morning when it isn’t. This can throw your circadian rhythm off and make you tired during the day. Use warmer lighting in the place where you sleep.

Clean the Air

Indoor air pollution is often worse than outdoor air pollution. Be sure to regularly change the filters on your heating and air conditioning system. Choose filters with a high filtration rating. You might also consider a stand alone air filter. Newer ones are inexpensive and whisper quiet.

Kill the Clutter

A messy, cluttered house can make you feel depressed and even claustrophobic. Try to be a minimalist and put non-decorative or infrequently used items on shelves, in boxes or in cabinets or closets. Buy more shelving and cabinets if needed. The Home Decorators Collection has many attractive storage solutions. Try to rid your home of what you don’t really need. Look around your rooms and think about why you own each item. Ask yourself, “Do I like this? Do I need it?” Sell or give unwanted items away to charity.

Get a Stand-up Desk

Many of us spend a lot of time sitting. People who work from home may spend long hours sitting in a desk chair. Too much sitting can have many bad effects on the body, from creating back problems, vascular problems and it contributes to obesity. One can get special desks or desk accessories that let you work at a desk while standing. They are so helpful in improving health that many doctors and chiropractors write “Prescriptions” for stand-up desks, to convince employers that they should spend the money on one for their employee.
Make these few changes to your home environment and you will find that you are becoming more happy and healthy. These benefits are cumulative, so you may actually live longer. If you are to live longer, you should live in a place you are happy to call home.

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