Lab Coats and Scrubs in the Fashion Loop?

Gone are the days when healthcare professionals and lab technicians were forced to wear work apparel that was highly inefficient and entirely unflattering. Many of the traditional lab coats and scrubs resemble heavy-duty sheets draped over the workers. This was mainly caused by the clothing not being correctly sized to any particular form, being made out of low quality and low comfort materials, and being designed with only stopping spills from touching the worker’s skin. However, that has all changed.

Companies like Scrubs Unlimited, an online marketplace for lab coats and scrubs, have partnered with manufacturers to provide consumers with a wide array of choice when it comes to both fashion and quality. For example, Dickies Lab Coats is a company that prides themselves on tailoring their lab coats to be form fitting and maintaining the high-quality required to keep the worker safe from hazards. They utilize specific tailoring techniques, like using princess seams and precisely notched collars, to remove the baggy look and allow the lab technicians and healthcare workers to appear professional.

The necessity for form fitting and fashionable work apparel should be obvious to most. The best image possible, one of professionalism, is required in a workplace that deals with the general public consistently. It is all about perception. People that see their healthcare workers in baggy and unflattering clothing may believe that they don’t care about their appearance, don’t know how to take care of themselves, or are unhygienic. All of which are assumptions based off of stereotypes commonly held about baggy clothing. Of course, outside of providing a perception, baggy clothing can be hazardous in a workplace that is usually cluttered with various vials and canisters of materials. An errant sleeve or overhanging shirt can easily get caught on something, pull items off shelves, or even get placed directly in hazardous material.

Thankfully form fitting, fashionable, and high-quality versions of these oversized articles of clothing are being made. With the wide range of options available, including things like sleeve length and button design, consumers finally have the choice to purchase the work clothes that will flatter their bodies, give them increased comfort throughout the day, and enable them to better do their job. Gone are the

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