The Link Between Technology and the Beauty Industry

There are numerous global industries which have all made their way into our everyday lives in one form or another, however, none more than the technology industry. Whilst the most prominently considered use of technology lies in the very screen you are reading this on, whether it be your monitor or a cell phone, manufacturing robots, cinema based special effects and even air cooling without the use of fans all benefit from technology and its ongoing advancements. With this article, we will focus on the link between technology and the beauty industry.

Consider the wording used throughout beauty and cosmetic treatment advertisements seen on television and in printed fashion magazines. Each of these advertisements includes a claim that their product benefits from scientifically formulated ingredients and design processes which make it a cut above its competition. And while it’s true that science has long played a large part in the beauty industry, the technology used in the process is new.

While once these advertised formulas required scientists working with the use of manual instruments and mixing processes, these processes have been replaced with robots and computer driven cell analysis machinery. To take it one step further, the very robots and computer systems which are utilized are also made available through advancements in technology.

However, this is all technology which consumers simply don’t see – we just accept that it occurs. Let’s talk about the aspects of the beauty with consumer-facing technology. While this technology was once only available to expensive day spa type facilities, consumers looking for weight loss options in the Atlanta, GA area now have access to a vast number of affordable services which involve vitamin injections, body wraps and even laser liposuction and fat reduction procedures. Take a moment to consider that last one – laser liposuction and fat reduction procedures. A previously unattainable service which is now being delivered safely and easily thanks to advancements in technology; more so, a technology which initially saw its consumer prominence in the field of CD and DVD creation.

Which brings us to the question: Did the beauty industry take advantage of the advancements of laser technology or were the advancements driven to serve the beauty industry?

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