Ideal sleeping positions for your little one

The moment the thing strikes you on how your little one would sleep you are in a state of confusion. The kind of options you are going to have at your side would confuse you.  Each new born sleeping options does have its own set of pros and cons.  Let us now restrict ourselves to the best new born sleeping positions for your little one.

The crib

This happens to be a small bed for the toddlers, and you could say that it proves to be a traditional option. One of the major advantages of this sleeping position is that it requires less updates. You can also use it till the kid is able to graduate into a full sized bed.

The positives

  • Pretty much easy to come across accessories for it
  • Available in host of sizes, shapes and types
  • You can use it till the baby is ready to graduate to a full sized bed

The negatives

  • As larger size than most options which would leave your baby a bit unsettled
  • Does prove to be an expensive option
  • Less portable

Co sleeper

As this sleeping position suggests you are going to sleep beside your baby. In a lot of ways it does look like a crib so that you can go on to reach out to your baby on the other side

The positives

  • It is indeed easy to reach out to the baby for feeding or a cuddling. This would mean that the night time disruption does occur at a bare minimum
  • Proves to be smaller than a crib
  • As the baby does have their own space so they are safe
  • Since most of the models have wheels you can move it from one room to another
  • There are many models available that you can turn out to a co sleeper


  • Since it proves to be smaller than a crib, it does tend to outgrow it much faster
  • It becomes difficult to move it from one room to another if there are no wheels
  • The bedding accessories does appear to be limited


This proves to a cosy option for the baby as it is known to cocoon them. This does put them to comfort and they are going to sleep. The rocking bassinets which are the cradles do prove to be another variation of the same. Since most of the models have wheels you can move them from one room to another in an easy manner.


  • You can move it all around the house in an easy manner
  • The size is small so it would fit a small house
  • The baby tends to be cosy so that they can be put to sleep easily


  • Limited in terms of options when you compare it to cribs
  • Because they are smaller in size they tend to outgrow the cribs

In the last few years one of the sleeping positions that have gone on to become a lot comfortable would be the baby hammock. A lot has got to do with the rocking motions.

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