What you need to know about cardiology

This segment of medical science is very developed and well-equipped in India. Cardiology deals with diseases related to heart and also suggest measures to keep the heart healthy. A cardiologist should be consulted in case we face difficulty in breathing and swallowing, dizziness, shortness of breath, nausea, vomiting tendency, neck and shoulder pain, chest pain etc. Cardiac arrest is a situation when the heart stops beating completely, and if not treated very quickly can result in death of the person. When the heart stops beating, it means the body will no longer get its supply of blood, and the brain will not get its portion of oxygen. As a result the body collapses immediately.

Symptoms of Cardiac arrest

Cardiac Arrest is very painful. In most cases death happens almost immediately. But Chronic Congestive heart failure results in a more painful and slower death. Generally, black outs, palpitation and breathlessness are symptoms of cardiac disease or attack. One must visit a doctor immediately if they feel these symptoms, without any delay. There is a sharp difference between a heart attack and cardiac arrest. In heart attack, a part of the heart is affected, and may not result in death. In cardiac arrest, the heart stops beating and pumping blood completely, and if not treated within minutes, the patient dies. Over anxiety and very high blood pressure may lead to cardiac arrest.

Cardiac Treatment in India

We have some of the best cardiac surgeons in India, with the advancement in medical technology. The treatment however is still very costly and unaffordable to many. But Govt of India is gradually proceeding to make this treatment available for one and all at affordable prices. Specialized heart research institutes are now there for further advancement in this field. Gadgets and medicines have also been imported from foreign countries to make the best possible treatment available for people in their homeland. India has reached a position where the people from neighboring countries come to India for treatment and get back home after treatment getting totally cured. Best treatment for a healthy heart is to remain stress free and eat healthy. Diet must include fresh fruits and vegetables, salads, sprouts, nuts like almonds, walnuts etc. Protein especially fish and egg should be consumed, as they are very important for maintaining a healthy heart. Fish is known to keep the arteries clean. Another important health factor is to give up smoking and alcohol totally. Doctors advise to practice meditation and yoga on a daily basis. Meditation relieves you of stress, thereby instilling positivity amongst us.

Food habits

Doctors say we can actually resume our heart to its original state, if we become a vegetarian. Non vegetarian, especially Red meat is very harmful for our body, mainly heart. Foods such as fish, broccoli, turmeric, olive oil are known to clean our arteries. But many people make the mistake of cooking food in olive oil, which is very harmful. Olive oil must not reach the boiling point temperature, since it becomes poisonous at that stage and the good effect of olive oil actually gets reversed. Oil should be minimally consumed. Cholesterol free diet is the best for health and should be practiced from younger age.

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