Pregnancy health care tips- How you can combat stretch marks when pregnant

In case if you are aware on how to prevent occurrence of stretch marks during pregnancy. Indeed it would replicate a great feeling. As it is known that a pregnant woman is expected to face up to a lot of changes and most of them are going to fade away on its own once pregnancy is over. In this regard stretch marks are one area that would not go off in an easy manner. Pretty much on the lines of pregnancy infections medicines you need to take care. But a word of caution though infections medicine needs to be applied at an early stage to combat any major issues.

Nothing compensates for a healthy diet

It is during the 6th or the 7th month when the stretch marks of pregnancy are known to appear. The main reason for the stretch marks appearing is that the skin is forced to stretch quickly. Just compare the skin to a piece of elastic. In case if you are going to overstretch it this would lose some of its elasticity and it is not going to return to its original form. The chances of it wrinkling along the edges may appear. This same situation could happen with your body.

To prevent it from happening eat a healthy diet and keep a control over weight gain when you are pregnant. The body especially the tummy needs time in adapting to the growing baby. It is better to opt for a healthy diet during pregnancy and it should contain minerals along with vitamins at the desired levels.

If your weight levels are normal during pregnancy it is expected that you are going to gain around 30 pounds. In case if you are overweight you need to gain less and opposite in case of being under weight. If the weight gain is maintained during the given range then you go a long way in prevention of stretch marks during pregnancy.

Water does appear to be your best friend

If you are looking to avoid stretch marks during pregnancy make water your best friend. Ideally you need to drink 8 glasses of water on a given day and it should be more when the weather is hot or if you are into exercise. Drinking fruit juice once in a while and occasional bouts of coffee and tea are counted in this. The general suggestion is that you should restrict your intake of caffeine. If you are not drinking enough amount of water the skin is going to become dry and the required elasticity is not going to be there to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy. Drinking plenty of water is also essential to keep the developing baby healthy.

Take care of your skin

It goes without saying that you need to pamper your skin when you are pregnant. Apply the correct moisturizer as per the skin type. As far as possible avoid products with heavy chemical components and opt for natural based ones.

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