Sharm El Sheikh Day Tours: The Best Spots for Diving

Sharm El Sheikh Day Tours is popularly known for its day tour in Egypt as it has above 30 sites for tourists who love diving. It has a good coral and unique marine life with uncommon visibility. The environments are scenic with sea and desert combined. The only constraint is the over crowdedness. It is often difficult to be alone underwater as many tourists go there to have fun. For those who desire privacy, other dive sites in the remote areas can be explored. There are experienced and friendly instructors who can volunteer to guide tourists who aren’t vast in diving.

Along the coast, a tourist can either decide to dive by boat or shore depending on his/her expertise and choice. For those opting for the shore dive, it affords the opportunity of combining relaxation with it as it can be done in company of friends and family members. Shore diving creates the opportunity to view underwater very closely. This is best done in the morning and at noon. Diving by boat on the other hand affords a tourist the chance of joining a boat trip for various choice of dive sites in a spacious and comfortable boat. Most of such boats are highly equipped with marine safety equipment, oxygen, lifejackets, first aid kits and VHF radio.

There are various dive spots in Sharm. These are:

  • Ras Mohammed Marine Park. This is the one of the best dive spots around the Red Sea. It is specially characterized with radiant tender coral. In this dive site, tourists enjoy relaxed drift dives because of its beautiful walls. Under the water, there are beautiful Trevallies and Barracudas pelagic fish swimming. Tourists also see the rare Hammerhead Shark and many White tip Reef Sharks. Within this dive spots, there are other 10 sub dive sites.
  • Wreck SS Thistlegorm. Most tourists categorize this dive site as the best wreck site worldwide. This site was known to have sunk a cargo during the World War 2 in 1941. Within this site, there are 2 tanks, rifles, 2 locomotives and motorbikes that have sunk in the water.
  • Straits of Tiran. This dive site is about 2 hours drive from Sharm and very popular with experienced divers. It is a dive spot where various sharks like the Tiger Shark and Hammerhead Shark are found.

There are other places of interest in Sharm El Sheikh where tourists can dive in. these are Shag Rock, Rosalie Moller Wreck and Dunraven Wreck. With over 50 diving sites to choose from, divers have to be careful in their selection as most of them do not have similar depth and safety measures. There are also smaller or local dive sites where learners and beginners can learn scuba diving from. Watching the underwater in El Sheikh, you are bound to find more divers than fishes.

Time to dive in Sharm El Sheikh

While it is possible to dive throughout the year, the water temperatures and air vary considerably. Divers can avoid both August and February as they are the hottest and coldest months respectively.

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