Why You’ll Have More Fun Pedaling A Bike Than Walking On A Bar Crawl Tour

I recently did a bar crawl on the Charm City Pedal Mill in Baltimore, Maryland with my girlfriends. We’d seen it pedaling around Fells point, a popular bar distric, many times, and it always seemed like the people on it were having a blast, so we had to try it for ourselves.  We also saw that the big bike was heated now for the winter and they were also offering 25% so we had to jump on the deal.  The total came to $300 for 15 of us, $20 a piece, but we probably made that back from the drink specials we got for being with Charm City Pedal Mill. We got specials not offered to anyone else at the bar.  Not kidding.  Doing the math, the drink discounts we got basically paid for themselves.  You gotta love that. 🙂

Here are my four reasons you should try a bar crawl tour on a pedal mill:


I know it sounds strange, but sitting (and pedaling) with your friends on the bike with it’s big, bouncy tires made us feel like we were floating above the streets of Fells Point.  And the cool thing was that the pedaling wasn’t difficult.  We were mildly concerned about it beforehand, but when everyone actually pedals (Nicole, I’m looking in your direction) it’s a little bit of work, but a fun amount of work.  It’s not like you’re killing yourself in spin class, believe me.


I mentioned this above already, but it was awesome.  Every bar we went to had different drink specials just for us. When we got on the Pedal Mill, the driver/host stamped our hands and all we had to do was show our stamp to the bartender at each bar.  They immediately knew the deal and told us the Pedal Mill specials.  We felt so important drinking our Moscow Mules cheaper than everyone else at the bar.  Mmm hmmm, I know the bartender…. Even if you don’t end using the company we used for your bar crawl tour, I still highly recommend you pick a company that has relationships with bars, and can offer your group discounts.


We were a bit skeptical about the heating system they advertised for Baltimore winter, but it works GREAT.  The whole bike is enclosed with crystal clear, heavy duty plastic, with these giant velcro strips that you just pull apart and jump on.  And the propane heater worked so well, we had the driver turn it off once in a while.  Pretty nice on a cold winter’s night. If you end doing a bar crawl on tour on a party bike in cold weather make sure they’ve got you covered, literally.


We had so much fun playing our own songs through the sound system and singing along with each other.  We laughed the whole time. Then laughed some more.  It’s so much fun pedaling around being the center of attention.  Everyone we passed waved and smiled at us!  We were the queens we always thought we’d be.  Try it out.  OMG please try it.  You’ll have a blast!


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