Don’t Stay Uninformed about the Developments in Railways

Indian Railways is increasing at a rapid pace. You can find a great development taking place in trains and stations in the country. Recently, it might interest you that a place called Guwahati in India has now becomeIndia’s first railway station run by solar power. Isn’t it terrific news? There are many things that are taking place in Indian railways that make people proud and happy.

Right from live train running to seat availability to any other query, people can easily find the answers. Indian railways are progressing swiftly and passengers are happier than ever. Of course, there are still some flaws in trains, but every mode of transportation has its own share of flaws. The important thing is that development is taking place

Getting back to the solar system thing, this project of installing solar panels was bespoke last year in the month of April 2017. Nearly 2352 solar modules along with a capacity of producing 700 kwp has been established over the roof of this the Guwahati railway station. It has been installed at roof-top solar power plant. Around 2352 solar modules with a capacity of generating 700 kwphave been set up over the roof of the Guwahati railway station.

The aim of this solar-powered station is to reduce carbon-footprint as well as cut down the costs of power radically.Nearly 6.3 lakh kg carbon dioxide releases have been removed between the times of April 12 last year to May 10ththis year.Getting towards the cost of this project, it is estimated to be around Rs 6.7 crore, as mentioned by Indian Railways. Thissolar power plant is going to save Rs 67 lakh worth of electricity. It has a normal power generation capacity for per day is 2048 KWh. These solar panels till date have produced a total of 7, 96,669 KWH of electricity. Isn’t it so amazing and promising? It really feels great to know about such deeds and developments.

Why trains still get avoided?

Despite of making all possible moves, trains sometimes get avoided by passengers. More and more passengers have started moving towards airplanes. Of course, the tickets of planes are getting down, and it is something that excites the passengers. But it is needless to say that the train coaches are absolutely promising too. If you travel in AC 1, AC2, AC executive compartment and so on; you can feel the utmost luxury on wheels. You would be amazed to know that there are comfortable berths, delicious meals, and proper services in the train coaches for the passengers. Of course, the luxurious coaches do cost little high but that is worth it. Similarly, the most recent development in Indian Railways that took the passengers by storm is ‘Wi-Fi’. Yes, Wi-Fi facilities have also been introduced in different main railway stations. Passengers can access the internet at the station.  They would not have to rely on their mobile data packs.

Thus, Indian Railways is making a progress every passing week. Just because you are unaware, it does not mean the railways isn’t developing!

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