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Crafted travel combines the reliability of a local longstanding Charleston executive car service with the longing of a concierge to use her calling to create amazing distinct vacations for guests! When partnered together, a unique luxury tour and travel company was created.

BEER–The first focus was on beer. The craft world is booming.  Exploring and sampling the local brewery offerings is a must in this city home of 10 different opportunities.  The Palmetto Brewery opened the door to allow brew in Charleston by doing the paperwork to allow the state to start concocting her own brews. The Stone Law turned limited brew houses into destinations for not only great beer and food offerings and it created a platform for local musicians to entertain.  By offering a private tour, our passionate guides can take intimate groups of two or three up to a party of 16 out to experience local suds on Charleston’s brewery scene in comfort and style.  We really tried to “craft” the ultimate brew tour.

BOOZE–We have incorporated the unique option of sampling local distilled spirits into our brewery tour.  You will not find many a place like Charleston where brew artists are riding the wave and leading the way in micro brew, but the creative juices keep flowing into three different local distilleries.  We feature two on our standard tours, Charleston Distillery and High Wire.  They both offer their own unique spin on classic spirits.  You can’t miss the gin at High Wire or the ginger whiskey at the Distillery. Unfortunately, we couldn’t fit every distillery on to the main tour but would love to add Stripped Pig to anyone’s customized tour.  The spiced rum they have concocted at the pig is perfect for a dark and stormy – the “captain” should beware!

Cool History–The second area we tackled was how to feature the rich history that makes Charleston an ideal destination for anyone that likes to step back in time.  After participating in several walking tours, we were over it.  Walking in the Charleston heat and humidity that is almost as famous as its history was just plain ole misery.  We developed a tour with a longtime history expert and we offer air conditioning!  You will get to walk down some of the most infamous cobbled streets for a few blocks and then get back into your comfortable vehicle and move on to the next highlight.  Our guide is great at providing a customized tour so that you get to see things that interest you, and he will add things he believes you shouldn’t miss based off of his interview of your group.  Because of our easy access to our sister company’s executive vehicles, we can offer tours for groups as small as two up to 16 people that are ready to dive into the wild past Charleston had!

Crafted Charleston Itineraries–We ask ourselves: If we could have the perfect day in Charleston, what would we do?  No one wants to stress out planning a vacation that includes all the things you should experience in Charleston.  Put that in our hands.  Our concierges have years of experience developing vacations as detailed as a daily agenda to the other end of the spectrum, keeping it loose with just a few reservations of memorable activities.  This is not a cookie cutter, fill in the boxes with all the tourist stops kind of planned vacation!  We want you to fall in love with Charleston and experience it like us locals do.  You will find fresh ideas on your itinerary that are all added based off of your group’s interests.

Fun tours, personalized itineraries, and the best Southern style customer service in the industry is the goal for CRAFTED travel.  We are ready to share the best little city in the U.S. with you…

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