The Rise of Crypto Currency – A new Future Awaits You Online

Digital currency, or crypto currency as it is called, is becoming more and more popular each day. Bitcoin is by far one of the most famous and likely most of you have heard of it. But did you know it started a revolution like no other? Today several more cryptocurrencies are flooding the market, and choosing the right one is essential to making some money online. Make no mistake, digital currencies is a lucrative business, and many people have made a lot of money by being the first in line when a new crypto currency goes live.

Think of it for a moment…

Let’s get right to the point – think about Bitcoin that went from 0.0015 cents per coin when it first started, to a staggering 678€ per coin only a couple of months later. Thanks to the very mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto, whose algorithm essentially changed the way we spend money online. The history of Bitcoin is movie worthy. Can you imagine that Pizza started a revolution on online digital currency?

As you can well imagine the first to pick up on the hype, made a lot of money. But people have lost money too, because what goes up must always come down, and those that got in too late, bought the bitcoin at a high value, and once it nosedived to its current value of just over 200€, they were less than pleased to see their wealth diminish in such a short space of time. But, at the end of the day gambling is just that – gambling.

The bitcoin is still going strong, and even though many critics think it might finally be dead that hasn’t stopped all the clones from popping up and new crypto currencies are showing up every day. How do you know which one is worth your attention? This is where things always get a bit trickier.

Taking the Final Step with Cryptocurrency

We know that cryptocurrencies can be quite hard to wrap your head around, and as for terms like ‘mining’ them, isn’t that something you do with coal or diamonds? The facts are there however, and making a good amount of money online with cryptocurrency is been proven time and time again. Another notable cryptocurrency that is picking up steam is Octacoins. Today, Crypto888 is hailed as one of the fastest growing members club on the planet. It is an MLM of sorts that relies on a binary system to pay out its members.


Each day, over 2000 people are signing up, and it continues to grow at an alarming rate.

But how does Octacoin Work?

The beauty of making money online with a cryptocurrency is that the banks and governments can’t touch your money. This is why Bitcoin at first ruffled some serious feathers.  A currency like Octacoin operates through a peer-to-peer technology and the members of the Octocoin network handle all the management of transactions collectively. It is also what is called ‘open-source’, which means it is public and everyone can take part in it. But, most exciting of all, a cyptocurrency like Octocoin can be used in ways that a conventional currency can’t, and that is what attracts many users to this new type of money.

Octacoin is Fast and Free

Payments and transactions come fast with Octacoin. A payment can fly across continents in a matter of minutes because there is no bank protocol to hold your money up. Many businesses now accept cryptocurrencies and Octacoin is one of the best crypto currencies available.


To sum it up, as a member of the Crypto888 Club, you have access to one of the fastest international payment levels, with low or no fees that is also secure and anonymous. Download your FREE Octacoin wallet here and discover a whole new world of finance.


Deanna Smits is an MLM expert who offers advice on finding the best possible crypto currencies to participate in. Her current projects include writing for several blog sites dealing with MLM, and particularly staying heavily involved in Crypto888 Members Program – a new digital currency currently taking the world by storm.

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