The Rise Of Plastic Surgery

It seems as though plastic surgery has been on the rise for a long time. Indeed, this field of cosmetic enhancement really seems unstoppable. Even though other non-surgical procedures, such as botox, have also seen a rise in popularity, they are certainly not able to knock plastic surgery off its throne. New statistics released by the AAFPRS suggest that the trend is still very much an upward one.

Younger Devotees

It seems that plastic surgery patients are getting younger and younger, with 64% of surgeons seeing an increase in the under-30s on their table. The selfie mania of the current younger generations, pushed and intensified by perfect-looking celebrities, has led to an increase in facial augmentation procedures. In fact, surgeons are now starting to recommend long-term plans for their younger patients: small procedures and tweaks which will preserve their younger looks for longer, thereby preventing or putting off the need for a bigger procedure later on. This is all part of an ongoing trend to remain looking youthful well past the 40s and 50s.

Celebrity Endorsements

Surgeons say that 82% of their patients in 2015 were influenced by a celebrity to go under the knife. It is no longer taboo to have had work done, and celebrities are often happy to admit that they have had this tweaked or that lifted. Not only that, but celebrity culture encourages perfection: now we can see that a girl doing make-up on YouTube can end up being a celebrity in her own right, we can imagine that just getting our look right will help catapult is into our own fame and success. It’s not just young patients that are influenced by celebrities, either – older patients are getting facelifts when they see stars from their own era doing the same.

Ever-Popular Treatments

Some forms of cosmetic surgery, such as breast augmentation, never seem to go out of style. While new treatments are becoming available, as well as techniques that are less invasive, patients understand that some changes just need to be done on the operating table. There are only so many injections a face can take: after a certain point, a facelift would have been more natural and longer lasting. Implants are also still a big trend, particularly following the rise of curvy stars like the Kardashian and Jenner broods. It is likely that these trends will stay popular, and that while other procedures may come and go, these kinds of classics will always find a role model for people to aspire to. Before Kim it was Jennifer Lopez, after all – and there will be another!

The aim for surgeons now is to continue cultivating more awareness in their patients as to how to stay youthful for longer: the increasing ease of access to different procedures requires more education alongside it. To avoid disappointment, patients need to be aware of the results of their surgery, as well as how long each treatment can be expected to last before they may wish to come back for another go.

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