The Male Enhancement Tips

Are you a member of the one minute man club? Has your penis let you down more times than the government?  Was the last time you had sex was on Christmas? If the answers to all these questions or some were yes, then you need to up your sex game. And you need to do it fast, we are here with a list of all that you can do for your man tool, your libido and premature ejaculation. So this is basically an all in one package for your package. Guess what, these things are equivalent to getting male enhancement.

Something for your little friend

The foods you eat and the lifestyle choices you make have a lot of impact on the quality and duration of your erections. Therefore it is important to eat all the right foods and live a healthy lifestyle to ensure your most valuable asset is in its best shape.


Caffeine when consumed in a healthy amounts about 2 cups a day increases the flood flow within your body which can give your erections a boost. It also acts as a energy booster so you don’t fall asleep in the middle of the action. This one is another male enhancement technique by the nature.

Cruciferous Vegetables

These vegetables like cabbage and cauliflower are known to decrease your estrogen levels which may be acting as a barrier for your sexual powers as it restricts the production of testosterone a male hormone responsible chiefly for your sexual health.


Watermelon has been the male food for centuries as it is known to to acts as male Viagra. The compound in watermelons which is also present in Viagra and other meds aimed to cure erectile dysfunction is citrulline which dilates your blood vessels and to increase blood flow to your male member. So the next time you are eating a watermelon, think of it as a male enhancement technique

Sleep like a baby

Sleeping is like a job where you just have to sit and do nothing and you get paid for it. The payment when you sleep comes as a gift by the nature to improve bodily functions also including your sexual health. Men who fail to get a good night’s rest are at the risk of falling a victim to erectile dysfunction and a host of other complications.

Become a cave man!

This cannot be stressed any further, exercise! Exercise has a huge effect on sexual health. The human body was designed to fight large beast, chase things, run for their lives and hunt for food. But thanks to consumerism we do not do all this anymore. An idle lifestyle is causing depression, stress, cholesterol and a number of other things which effect out sexual and reproductive health negatively. Exercise to reduce all these complications on regular level and keep your ding dong happy. Exercise will make you as if you got male enhancement!

Love as if there’s no tomorrow!

When you’re in love or in a healthy relationship your brain preps your little guy for some action. Feelings of affection can keep your game up. Thus people who are in bad relationships or lonely have shown a negative correlation to their sexual health by researchers. If you’re already in love keep the spark ignited or relight the spark if it has stopped.

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