Shanghai Travel Tips

Every one travels for enjoying themselves. To help each of tourists have a good time in their Shanghai tour. There are some travel tips from Shanghai travel agency to all tourists who plan to take a Shanghai tour.


Shanghai is quite hot in summer; tourists must prepare some sun-cream and sunstroke prevention things for the hot weather. But as we introduced in the Shanghai Weather, this city becomes very cold and moist in winter. So if you want to do a Shanghai tour in winter, please make sure you are prepared to keep you warm and fight against the windy and cold days.


Shanghai dishes are pretty and delicate, which means the dishes are eyeable and delicious but held in small containers. So if you have a good appetite, remember to order on or two more dishes in restaurants.


Local language of Shanghai are mot easy to understand, if you want to to an independent travel,  picking up some easy and most used local sentences would be both helpful and interesting.


If you travel to some bustling places such as City God Temple area and Nanjing Pedestrian Street, please take care of your belongings in case they are stolen.

Financial and Currency

Most of the banks in Shanghai open from 09:00 to 17:00 in weekdays and the official time of different banks in weekends are also different. But in the downtown city there are many 24-hour self-help banks, most of them are Bank of China and China Merchants Bank offices. Tourists could take or transfer money there.

Useful Telecom Numbers                 

Police: 110

Firefighter: 119

Ambulance: 120

Flight information inquiring of Hongqiao Airport: 62688918

Flight information inquiring of Pudongo Airport: 68341000

Train information inquiring of Shanghai Railway Station: 63179090

Public bus hot line: 63175522

Subway consulting: 63189000

Train tickets booking: 63171880(8008207890)

Consumer complain: 12315

Tourist complain: 64393615

Phone number inquiring: 114

International district number: 116

Weather forecast: 12121

EMS: 11185

Within city transportation

The transportation in Shanghai is pretty developed. But the roads and streets are interlaced in lots of places, so one will easily get lost in Shanghai. If you are not familiar with the roads and streets situation, it would be safer to get a guide or map to lead you to your right destination. And most public bus in Shanghai have no ticket seller, instead, passengers need to prepare enough change for taking a public bus.

Besides the developed up ground public bus lines, there are complete underground subway system. Tourists could by a Shanghai map with detailed address information of all hot tourist attractions and the public transportation information on it to help you arrive at your tourist destination easily.


Many tourists complain that it is hard to find a public restroom in the street Of Shanghai. It is true because the land price in Shanghai is unreasonably high. So each inch of land would be used for business activities and the public restrooms are far from enough. But if you pay attention, you will find many places to solve the emergency problem, for example, the shopping malls, the big fast food restaurants, and the hospital. In short, any places without guard room or gate chamber are all ideal places to take a restroom for free. And also, in some parks and tourist attraction areas public restrooms are also built for convenience of people.

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