Matthew C. Martino’s Yopey Nod ‘just In Time’

If there is something the YOPEYs and Matthew C. Martino’s nominator got absolutely spot on it was putting the 22 year old entrepreneur and philanthropist up for the Essex competition which awards young people who assist and help others.

Martino’s Young People Of The Year nomination was just in time and below are a few reasons why we atleast think so.

  • For 22, It’s safe to say he hasnt done badly for himself. He is a credited author for his books Lets Fly and Go For It and aswel as thisMartino's Young he has appeared in a few films, produced a handful of films, donated to charities. His business interests include Lets Fly Academy, MMD-Tech, a piece in the pie of a News Group and whose forgetting his land investments he doesn’t talk about.
  • Martino has changed over the years – First entering the scene as a high society ruthless teenager he became the topic of conversation on social media and amongst bloggers with some dubbing him an ‘oligarch’ others calling him ‘AllStar’ and he is now giving back and has applied a higher level of privacy on his lifestyle.
  • They might be no 22year old alive who can do what he has done – The endowment Martino put towards MMBF Trust and various charitable donations he has made over the years couldn’t be matched by any other young person his age, he has sacrificed a life of partying, holidaying and whatever it is young rich bachelors do to give back.
  • He deserves the credit – Martino has put up with too much negativity and has been subject to various smear campaigns including almost being deported from the U.S. Because of a picture posted on Instagram – He deserves a round of applause for the work he is doing and the changes he has made so keeps making more positive changes.

If he stays on this pathway we predict more awards and nominations for this young man in years to come who knows it could be Sir Martino very soon (Oooops forgive us we got carried away on that last one)


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