The Secret of Exclusive Business Gift Creation

Remember the fountain pen you received during last year’s company anniversary? That tumbler and planner during your trip to a company event in Singapore; what have you observed? When you are attending a conference, let’s say, Google’s new product announcement. What have you observed? They have a lot of corporate gifts handed out as giveaways to visitors. Aha! That’s it. What are they giving? Let’s say it is “just” a notebook. Do you think Google will give a notebook that is not saying something about their company – the giver? I think not.

Let them know… Let them remember

An event company, whether a small scale or a large one, are really into selling their brand. Gone are the days, when presents from big companies are just plain black and white. It’s with the logo now. Why? Whether it’s a giveaway for an event or a gift for an occasion, those things must always speak of the giver now. Is this just a trend or there is a deep reason behind this? This is a trend because there is something good this strategy does for their company. I personally see its effect on the corporate gifts market in Singapore.

Pricey, yet it’s worth it

Giveaways and especially the creation of exclusive corporate gifts in Singapore is somewhat expensive, especially if you go for quality, because that’s what your company probably stands for. However, many companies are investing so much on customization. I knew of a company in Singapore, which tokens even given to their own employees are exclusive created just like corporate gifts.

Actually, this is not just for lavishness. This is an investment for advertisement. As you noticed, some of the gifts in Singapore, which are customized and are exclusively produced for the company include corporate bags, pens, umbrellas, thumb drives, and anything else imaginable. And do you think these gifts don’t speak for their brand. They will. And that’s the benefit of the creation of very customized corporate gifts, you don´t find any of them in the shops.

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