Media and Socio-Economic Development

(Lahore, 2018): Resilient Economy necessitates a dynamic financial system as it supports commerce industry to cultivate faster and progress investor’s sureness. Media role in this respect is vital. Due to lack of coverage of socioeconomic related issues, people of Pakistan have been suffering since long said Malik Manzoor ul Haq Chairman industrial option and group head of the Sheikhupura chamber of commerce and industry while addressing a seminar organized by Students of Mphil, School of Media and communication studies University of Centre Punjab, Lahore on the topic of Role of media in Scio-Economic Development.

The Chief guest of the Seminar was Mr. M Alamghir Ch. (CEO- Technology Up-gradation & Skill Development Company). The key note speaker included; Malik Manzoor Shab (Chairman-Industrial Options) and  Skiandar Hameed Lodhi (In-charge Economic Forum Jung Group). And Mr. Mughees-Ud-Din Sheikh participated as the Gues of Honor in the seminar. All the media and professionally drived speakers shared the experiences and shed ligh on how media is performing and how can it be better.

Mr. Alamghir Ch showed his assurance that using the impartial media attitude and well planned deed a revolution would sprout out in the economy and education sector of the country. He admitted that beside many external interferences, a myriad of issues related to the demographic, linguistic and behavioral expression, peace and security and bad governance within the country have created fault-lines in the national discourse that has resulted with detoriated Pakistan’s social economic condition. He advised that while highlighting enterprenural role of media professionals,encourage students for having spirit to never give-up.

Dr. Mugees ud Din Sheikh was the guest of Honor of the seminar. While addressing the audience, he said that Students of School of media studies, UCP is producing Bi-media specialist and in coming days top class professions will be available in Pakistan’s media market. He stressed that we need to Curb Senstationalism and instead play a role in development jounrnalism.He congratulates the organizers of the seminars and appreciate the participants.

Last but not the least, Assistant Professor, Mr. M Ahmad Sheikh gave a token of thanks to the guest. And the Guest Speaker were presented with souvenir by Dean Dr. Mughees.


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  1. thats good to see, in Pakistan institutes have taken initiative to highlight such major issues. Having expert’s opinion is a plus.

  2. mr, Adil Ali is indeed a great. he is rewarded with tamgha e imtiaz, it privilege to have him. Good going UCP

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