3 Reasons your Site is not Converting Visitors into Customers

The biggest challenge for any business in the galactic network is to generate sufficient traffic. Companies invest in search engine optimization, online advertisements and social media marketing among other initiatives to generate substantial traffic. Once these and other methods succeed and a website generates the desired traffic, the subsequent objective is conversion. This is another major challenge for most companies.

Ideally, a company should be able to convert its traffic or visitors into customers. Internet users are getting redirected to the site for a reason. The potential customers are looking for products or services that you are offering through the website. You would naturally expect them to purchase the products or sign up for the services but it may not happen for a myriad of reasons. Here are three reasons your site is not converting visitors into customers.

  • The most common reason is the content on your site. Every visitor getting redirected to your site is looking for information. If your site offers the necessary information and additional resources or details, then a visitor is likely to consider your product or service. If the content fails to educate the visitor, the information provided is not enough to convince the potential customer or if the overall site fails to instill a sense of trust in the internet user, then she or he would not purchase your product or sign up for your service. Visitors to your site must find your content to be authoritative, informative and convincing. The content must establish your brand as a leader in your niche. There should be no ambiguity whatsoever that your brand is credible and whatever you are offering is valuable.
  • The second most common reason is disconnect between what you are presenting and what the visitors are looking for. Let us consider a webpage where you provide sufficient information about a product, service, problem or solution. This webpage may lead the visitor to a sales page or your online store. If the visitor is on the site only for the information and is not interested in buying or signing up right now, then you will have poor conversions. Your site and every webpage must be at the right phase of the sales funnel. Internet users exploring a sales funnel or being routed through one may be looking for information which is the awareness phase, they may be interested in a product or service but may not be in a stage to decide, then comes the decision-making phase and finally there is action when a visitor gets converted to a customer. If your site is dealing with visitors at the awareness or interest phase, then your conversions will suffer. If the visitors are in the decision-making phase or willing to take action, then your conversions will soar.
  • There are many components of a website that may deter a visitor from becoming a customer. The sales process, be it the transaction or filling up of details, the entire signup or order processing, may be too complicated or time consuming for the visitor to stick around. The site may be difficult to navigate, the calls to action may be misplaced, the final messaging may not be convincing enough or the website may not seem to be too empathetic to the needs of the visitors. All these factors will lead to poor conversions.

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