Patient Positioning Designed for Comfort

An effective patient positioning system covers many user needs. Its primary function should be to keep the patient comfortable. It also helps service providers like orthodontists, Lasik surgeons and podiatrists relax during examinations to make patients the first priority.

The Convenience of the Exto Chair

One of the first challenges that some patients face when visiting a physician or other healthcare professional is climbing onto an examination table. Most come with a stool that allows the patient to step up and elevate themselves to reach the height of the table. In some cases, depending on the presence and extent of medical conditions, this can cause some discomfort.

The Exto chair removes this variable. Patients can come into a room, sit in a chair that is positioned at an average height, and sit down comfortably. Then the head of the chair can be remotely lowered, and the leg remotely raised, to transform the entire chair into a table surface. They health professional can also use a handheld remote control to rotate the patient or change the height of the table to administer treatment.

Other Positioning Aides

In addition to chairs, lighting can also be an important part of ensuring patients get to the right position for treatment. There are also adjustable stools and cabinets that house computers and tools in easy reach. This additional positioning equipment helps to keep doctors and technician comfortable during patient sessions.

The best systems are designed to make the patient and caregiver experience low-pressure and pleasant. They help build trust and foster longevity. For the professional business owner, it is an investment in a prosperous practice.

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