China Terracotta Warriors

Have you heard about China terracotta warriors? These are life size statues of soldiers that have been unearthed in Xian Province of China. What is so special about this army of terracotta warriors that makes them so popular among the people across the world? The site where this army of terracotta warriors stands is visited by thousands of tourists and it has been declared as a World heritage Site by UNESCO.

Qin Shi Huang, who was the first emperor of China, ordered craftsmen in his kingdom to prepare an army of soldiers, horses, chariots. He ordered this army to be buried alongside himself after his death. His order was executed in 210 BC. It is believed that the emperor was afraid about his safety during his afterlife and sought protection. He got an army made and it was laid near his tomb. No one knew anything about this massive army lying underground till 1974 when a farmer found a broken statue while digging a well. Government pressed archeologists into service and soon pits were unearthed containing this massive army of terracotta warriors.

What surprises experts is the fact that every warrior in this terracotta army has unique facial features like eyes, ears, and noses. This is not all as there are soldiers with angry faces and some who seem to be ready to fight. This has been interpreted by archeologists as proof that these warriors have been modeled using real life soldiers of those times. This is the reason why different warriors have different heights and builds and they do not seem to have made on a single production line.

Since their discovery in 1974, the terracotta warriors have been visited by millions of curious tourists coming from all parts of the world. Leaders from nearly 200 countries have been to Xian to see this wonder from the past. If you are interested in this terracotta army and want to visit Xian to have an experience of a lifetime, all you have to do is to book a one day tour from Beijing to Xian. There are companies organizing these tours that pick up tourists from their hotel rooms and board them on flights from Beijing to Xian. They are taken around all historic sites in Xian that includes a visit to terracotta army. These tourists are back to their hotel rooms by evening through a flight. Beijing Tours to Terracotta Warriors is one such company that has become very popular among tourists.

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