Boracay Philippines Top White Beaches You Need To See

Boracay Island is a pretty hot tourist spot and why would not it be? It has some of the best beaches not just in Philippines but in the rest of the world! Where else but in Boracay would you get beaches whose sand is super white, super soft and super fine? In fact, if you look at the sandy beaches from a distance, you would get the illusion that they are made of white sugar, not sand!  No wonder that millions of tourists hop on to these beaches, especially the White beach, every year.  While the White beach, which is nearly three-mile long, is the most famous beach of Boracay there are many other little known, attractive beaches too which are a must-visit for any serious tourist. In this article I am going to talk about all the thirteen beaches of Boracay. Not all beaches are well-developed, thanks to the apathetic government out there, but progress is still on so, all hope is not lost. The best Boracay beach guide can be found at Boracay Review.

White Beach: The most famous beach of Boracay, as I told you earlier, white beach is called by many different names, such as “Boracay White beach’, “The Main beach” or even “White beach”. No matter what name they mention to you, now you know which beach they must be talking about!

Bulabog Beach: Located on the eastern corner of Boracay island, Bulabog beach is the second most famous beach of Boracay, right after the White beach. Bulabog beach is shorter than White beach however, with a length of just a mile. If you are deep into water sports then Bulabog beach is an ideal place for you. You can indulge in kite boarding and wind surfing here!

Puka Shell beach: After White beach, Puka shell is the longest beach in Boracay. As the name suggests, the beach is filled with puka shells.

Diniwid Beach: This is a small beach that covers the north-western corner of the island. Its main visitors are the guests of the hotels and resorts located along the beach.

Balinghai Beach: Saddled between the Punta Bunga beach and the Diniwid beach is the Balinghai beach, located near a cliff.

Banyugan Beach: If you are staying at the Shangri-La Boracay Hotel, then you can make use of this private beach on an exclusive basis.

 Lapuz Lapuz Beach: Lapuz Lapuz beach is one of a kind of beach which has to be seen in order to be believed. This beach alone makes the investment on Fairways and Bluewater Boracay Golf Resort and Country Club worth it (in case you don’t know, only the guests of the club can have access to this beach). This is yet another private, exclusive beach in Boracay, just like Banyugan.

Tambisaan Beach:  This is a little known beach located around the south-eastern corner of Boracay

Cagban Beach: This is the beach of the Cabgan port which is the main exit and entry port for anyone who comes out of or goes to Boracay island.

Punta Bunga Beach:  Like the Diniwid, Banyugan and Lapuz Lapuz  beaches, this is also a private beach which the guests of the Sol Marina Boracay Resort can use.

Manoc Manoc Beach: This beach is located on the southern tip of Boracay, saddled between the Tambisaan beach and the Cagban beach!

Ilig Iligan Beach: This is a very small beach but that does not mean you should ignore it. You would find the visit worth it because you would experience a unique version of soft, white sandy beach here.

Tulubhan Beach: Located on the south-eastern tip of the Bulabog beach and covering the east of Boracay, this is yet another private white beach you must visit.

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