Accessing Netflix Outside The US


In past few years Netflix Inc. (NASDAQ:NFLX) has grown into one of the biggest television and movie streaming services provider in the world of internet. Whether its House of Cards, Grey’s Anatomy, or Orange is the New Black, you can watch any show you want, anytime you want but not anywhere you want. One of the major problems that the ...

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A Brief Overview of VPN


Introduction VPN is the abbreviation of “Virtual Private Network” it connects the computers through internet and generally used for private communication.  With encryption the companies are provided with a private network which is fully functional and secure for their data connectivity. Basically VPN uses public internet for the transmission of private information. As you know that transmission of the data ...

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Top 10 Online Backup Providers

Backup Computer Key

With a flood of online data storage service providers around, it is often hard to figure out which one to go for. To help you out in making this tricky choice, we’ve rounded up a list of the top 10 online backup providers. Google Drive A mix of cloud storage platform and online collaborative office suite, Google Driver can give ...

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How to Take Videos and Snaps with Selfie Sticks

Are you a selfie person? Do you love to capture the vastness of scenic beauty right behind you in your photographs? A selfie stick makes it possible to add more background to your photographs. Not only this, it also gives you the benefit of adding more people in your clicks. Selfies are more focused and taking pictures with a selfie ...

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What is Google Local Business Page?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization techniques are commonly used for improving the ranking of your pages. But there is a new buzz in the market in the form of Google Local Business Page. Have you checked it out? This is probably the most effective way to reach out to a vast audience. And your business in the process gains the ...

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The 10 POS Software Tips to Improve Inventory Control

POS Software

Have You Been Applying These Tips to Your Business? It is great that the POS system Singapore retailers have taken full advantage these days. It is understandable why you would be doing the same, as you have invested your time and money on your POS system. Unfortunately, the one thing that retailers miss is the inventory. So, if you are ...

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HoloNumber – The Private Phone App


HoloNumber – The Private Phone App Private, temporary and business phone numbers, Local and International calls at low rates even without Internet! Never lose a call again with your permanently connected phone numbers which can be used to make and receive calls even when you are not on a 3G/WiFi connection – or even if the App isn’t running. Manage ...

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Find a Solution For Any Health-Related Problem Using a CPD App

The medical industry is transforming. It’s using the most recent mobile technologies to offer faster service. That means there are applications for almost everything, from faster control to clinic control. Nowadays, it is simple to handle patients with the guidance of a software program. Physicians can handle tasks and monitor their patients without contacting them or maintaining a large collection ...

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Why Is a Responsive Website Good For SEO?

A responsive website design means the ability of the webpage to reform themselves depending on which device they are viewed. This is an assurance that whether they are displayed on a phone view, tablet and desktop view, the website is still user friendly. But talking about responsive website and SEO, we will discuss why a responsive website is good for ...

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