How to Take Videos and Snaps with Selfie Sticks

Are you a selfie person? Do you love to capture the vastness of scenic beauty right behind you in your photographs? A selfie stick makes it possible to add more background to your photographs. Not only this, it also gives you the benefit of adding more people in your clicks.

Selfies are more focused and taking pictures with a selfie stick adds clarity to the photographs. It is also very convenient to click pictures using a selfie stick. It can be adjusted at different angles and is easy to carry too.

Features of Selfie Stick

  • It has a secured place to hold your phone or camera.
  • It is extendable. Different models come with different extension lengths.
  • It is easy to carry. Can fit in your handbag or even in your pocket.
  • Easy to use.
  • Maximum variants are suitable for all Apple and Android Smart phones.
  • It is light in weight so makes it comfortable to carry for all your trips and adventures.
  • Most of them are available with 180 degree rotation option.
  • Best for making videos.
  • It is stable enough even when opened till full length.

These are general features which are commonly found in most of the models available in market. Some of the famous brands are Flexion Quicksnap, CamKix and UFCIT to name a few. One can try his hand at video shooting using the selfie stick and grab some awesome compliments from your friends. Make good videos with camkix selfie stick, share it on social media sites and likes will follow. So now get a chance to explore your newly developed skills with your very own selfie stick.

There are different types of selfie sticks available in bright colors. Some brands use the wireless Bluetooth technology making it easy to use. One has to simply connect the phone to the stick via Bluetooth and you are ready to shoot whatever comes your way. Maximum all mobiles are Bluetooth compatible. Since the stick has inbuilt Bluetooth, one does not need a separate Bluetooth remote. On the other hand, a wire controlled selfie a stick is operated with a Bluetooth remote. These too are connected with mobile through Bluetooth but the only difference is that they are operated with the help of a remote. So both your hands are busy working with the stick. Both of them need to be synced with the stick before it can be used. Another variant is the cable operated selfie stick. The mobile is connected with a cable to the stick when mounted on it.

Selfie stick enhances your photography and video shooting experience. Higher clarity, easy to handle and so trendy that they are now gaining popularity among celebrities too. For some latest trends in selfie sticks explore the internet and you will have some very interesting stories to enjoy. Make your memorable story with your selfie stick and have fun sharing it with friends and fans.

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