Accessing Netflix Outside The US

In past few years Netflix Inc. (NASDAQ:NFLX) has grown into one of the biggest television and movie streaming services provider in the world of internet. Whether its House of Cards, Grey’s Anatomy, or Orange is the New Black, you can watch any show you want, anytime you want but not anywhere you want. One of the major problems that the Netflix users face is regarding accessibility of the site outside USA.

But Why Can’t I Access Netflix Outside US?

One of the reasons people cannot watch Netflix outside US is because of the geo-blocking technique that Netflix Inc. (NASDAQ:NFLX) entails. The geo-blocking technique prevents the users from downloading or accessing the media-based content by restricting one’s access based one’s the IP address. This technique is used to prevent hackers from gaining access to the content and stealing information which further gives rise to copyright issues as the content starts to appear on other unauthorized sites.

Is There Not Any Other Way?

Don’t worry, no need to panic, we all know you are missing on your favorite show, there are several ways you can gain access to Netflix and resume watching your favorite show. A couple of prominent ways that can be used to watch Netflix outside US include the use of VPN i.e. virtual private network, use of proxy servers and use of DNS i.e. domain name system.

Virtual Private Network – For The Win!

One of the easiest, safest and surestways to get access to Netflix is to use a VPN. By entailing VPN a user essentially is acquiring access to the site through a network of servers as well as routers. This lead to issuance of an IP address to the user of a region of a country he/she wishes, which in the case of Netflix would be would be US. VPN achieves all this through an encrypted tunneling of the user’s information which allows the user to maintain his or her anonymity. There are a lot of paid VPNs that are now available in the market that allow the user to get complete and uninterrupted access to Netflix some of these VPNs include IPvanish, VYPR and Cyberghost. There are several free VPNs which are also available, however, these VPNs are not much reliable and also have a very restricted form of access.

Let’s Use Proxy Servers!

The second most popular way help the user to access sites like Netflix from the restricted regions or countries is the use of proxy server. A proxy server work in a similar fashion as a VPN, it changes the user’s IP address. When the users utilize the service of a proxy server he is basically giving an impression to the receiving server that you are from the same country as theirs. However, use of proxy server is not a safe way as information can get leaked. Certainly, there are some very credible proxy serves like TOR, and The Onion Router project.

Let’s Not Eliminate DNS

Third and the last method through which you can watch Netflix outside US from the restricted regions is the use of Smart DNS. Like other method, this way also makes use of a system of servers to generate an IP address that is not of the restricted region. Smart DNS is a bit safer when compared to proxy servers; however, DNS comes with a slightly higher price tag which many users might not be willing to pay. One of best DNS has been Canadian Unblock-Us as it provides a very smooth and uninterrupted streaming.

Thus until, Netflix Inc. (NASDAQ:NFLX) decides to broaden its horizon and provide it services at a much broader level, it seems like most of us would have to make use of these ways. Until then, Happy Streaming!

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