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In the business world, the software companies are growing vastly. The Navori has been around the digital signage sector forever and established a very solid presence globally. Progress in the United States and Canada has been a little patchier, but the Swiss company has a presence in Montreal and the new android product it no doubts hopes will develop some buzz and business. Now the company is tested a bench load of low-cost players. has a set-up that does everything its windows players, and a back-end that allows users to transparently manage the Microsoft windows and android player hardware. The QL Stix player settled on the sort of quasi-PC device users just plug into the second high definition multimedia interface port on a monitor.

These devices could start showing up the better performance when Dell releases a consumer-grade version as early as this summer.  The software technology QL is marketed through a distribution channel, system integrators and digital signage operators across hundred plus countries. The company is leveraging technology through constant innovation. It engages many big banks and credit unions to rely on QL to communicate with the customer and staff.

It keeps the viewers informed about the financial and current promotion. The screen also displays a huge variety of content like infotainment, live financial data, and queuing system information. These types of content enlarge the customer experience because it aids to reduce perceived wait times. QL can conduct and assign content based on an organization’s structure.  Globally shared content can be mixed with local programming at the branch level to achieve customized results. is a segment used in public venues like shopping malls, airport, retail chains, groceries, hospitals, railways and lot more. It is intended to improve visitor’s experience by showing entertaining and live content while running ad space business. Digital signage network operators broadcast two types of content: Advertising and filler contents such as news, weather, media and others.

The new QL Stix is android-based players using the rock chip ARM processor similar to those used in mobile devices. The chip components provide roughly the same quality and power of a computer with no limitations versus windows-based platforms except the inability to power multiple screens.

 The navori QL manager synchronizes with Google maps to easily identify the geographical resolution and location relevant content for fixed or dynamic trajectories alike. The QL player units equipped with the GPS trigger plug-in can play-out location based and position precise media and real-time information.

Digital signage is the sum of many technologies that rely on flat panel displays, the light emitting diode billboards and projection systems to present a huge variety of content including images, videos, animations and live data. Digital signage can be used to display advertising and informational content to audiences in various types of venues.

The navori defines digital signage in the white paper.  Touchscreen and motion sensors have turned a passive experience into an interactive one. Posters react to a viewer’s presence. Screens display the visitors the best path to reach their destinations and more is on the way.

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