Best AirPod Cases 2021

Are you conscious with your tiny Airpods? Well, you must be, because Airpods give you plenty of entertainment opportunities for enjoying your favourite playlists. Airpods cases add extra protection to your AirPods while adding a sleek sense of glamour and style. This outer protection must also be protective and enough hard because it can be scratched, broken and devastated. So, you must opt for pro protective Airpods cases to protect your handsome Airbuds.

Thus, when it’s about Airpod Case Cover, we have come across multiple options in colours and materials but we ensure whatever you choose, all will be robust enough to support your AirPods against any harm. Regarding material, we offer metal, plastic, silicone, leather and textured fibre all for the best protection of your Apple AirPods.

But here we also have a tip for you according to your choice. If you want to avoid dust, you must choose plastic, metal or leather cases because they are less likely to attract dust. Similarly, for waterproof protection, choose silicone cases because it will seal the opening and its waterproof. Well if you have made your mind, here you go with the best Airpod Cases.

1.Metal AirPod Cases

With double-layered protection, this metal case offers a soft silicone interior and matte aluminium exterior with affordable and durable protection to your AirPods. The metal case is lightweight protection which gives more colourful options like grey, gold and sea green. Besides, you will have a removable carabiner to clip your Airpods anywhere with your pocket or bag.

2.Silicone Airpod Cases

The silicone Airpod case provides a lightweight and soft protection to your Airbuds, if you have a wireless or cable charging AirPods, you can power them into stylish silicone case that offers multiple fun colours like hot pink, mint green, and blue matching your amazing personality. Silicone cases provide non-slip protection from the sides and give a strong grip in your hand and bags. Plus, through this silicone layer LED light and charging port are easily accessible.

3.Leather Cases

Want to have a sturdy and stylish case for your Airpods? The leather cases must be your choice because they provide extra protection to your AirPods with its chic look and durability. This gorgeous protection gives your Airpods a comfort zone and you do not need to be worried anymore because it is genuine leather with multiple colours.

4.Apple Airpod Pro Case

Apple introduced its intriguing AirPod version named as AirPod Pro in 2019. So if you have bought AirPods Pro, you just need to buy Pro protection for them. Therefore, we offer you a Pro Protective armour case with compatible wireless charging and LED light. Besides, you will also hang them with your bag or pocket because of their removable hook for easy accessibility.

5.Personalized Italian Leather AirPods Pro Cases

Looking like a pillbox, we have a unique option for you made up of pure Italian leather. This Custom Personalised Airpod Cases presents an enchanting sleek boxy design that hides secret inside it and a charging spot down the box. If you are thinking about this amazing new style we have enough colour options like black, red, grey, light brown, pink, burgundy, lemon yellow, navy, white and teal colour. Even for girls, this Pro case presents multiple colours matching your outfits.

Over time, we have entered into an ultramodern era. Thus, we are supposed to pace aside this time, similar is the case with your stylish AirPods. They also need glamorous protection, so as we have offered you a couple of options. You must select one and grant charm and deluxe look to your AirPods.

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