BMW 7-Series – The ultimate luxury limo?

For 2019, BMW gave its flagship luxury limo a facelift and it sports the new grille of the current generation of BMWs. Many have not taken to it very well, but BMW is confident about its massive grille. In fact, when you come to think of it, most luxury car makers are going down the big-grille route, like Audi and Lexus in particular. Now while this sort of design language works in the Chinese and American markets, is this new philosophy going to catch on in our market? The grille stares you in the face, but are we going to grow over it eventually?

A bolder face

The front grille may be the most prominent of changes on the new BMW 7-Series, but there’s actually more to be paying attention to. The bonnet is raised, the new headlights are sleeker and happen to be the newest versions of BMW’s Laserlight treatment, getting a blue detailing inside. The designers at BMW Cars have done a swell job as far as the styling of the front bumper is concerned. The panels are like deflectors and send air in to the side curtains. There are opening flaps behind the grille that open when air needs to pass; it even features new vertical ‘breathers’ on either side, that help channel air out of the wheel arches. The BMW 7-Series being a massive car, chrome highlights couldn’t be avoided, so it gets trim on the lower half of the doors. You’ll find chrome around the exhausts, but the slender tail lamps and that new LED strip that runs in between look gorgeous at night.

The best in comfort?

Inside the BMW 7-Series, the updates are limited. BMW Cars have equipped it with five high-resolution screens and a touch panel for the climate control system. The user interface is new; the iDrive system can be customized with more shortcuts and the car graphics in the menu are spot-on. The car even features an Intelligent Assistant and a temperature gesture control. Even the digital instrument cluster gets the new format, wherein the speedometer and tachometer flank a big navigation readout. The quality in the cabin oozes premiums, and that includes aluminum buttons and leather upholstery. The seats at the front are beautifully padded, but it’s the back seat that you are bound to experience more if you are the typical Indian luxury limo buyer. The rear seats are ventilated, heated, offer massage functions, and are multi-way adjustable too. The front passenger seat slides forward while a footrest extends outwards and the rear seat on the left reclines for the best comfort possible. There’s also a 7.0-inch Samsung tablet that lets you control seat functions for the back and you get a 10.1-inch display as well.

Torquey diesel

If you’re going to spend your time at the back, you will be impressed with refinement levels. The brand has worked on sound insulation in certain parts of the body, which has resulted in a decrease of noise from the outside. The suspension has been set up on the softer side with a very little float at higher speeds. Under the bonnet lies the 3.0-liter straight-six diesel engine, mated to an updated 8-speed transmission. The diesel motor is quite silent but can promptly change its character the moment you put your foot down. The engine produces 261bhp and 620Nm of torque. In Sport mode, the car delivers a terrific surge of power. The 7-Series also feels agile around corners too.

Lucky number 7?

The facelift 7-Series gets an increase in the pricing, like all new cars this year. Those with an inclination to buy the new 7-Series will appreciate the improved refinement, comfort, and better handling. The grille might scare away a few, but BMW thinks it will lure buyers. This is easily one of the best in its class until the new S-Class comes along of course. Also, grab the latest info on the upcoming cars, only at autoX.


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