What is a Mobile Ad Network?

There are lots of mobile ad networks out there. These are ad networks which specialize in app advertising, iOS advertising, android advertising, and mobile video advertising, tablet only advertising and a lot more!  Mobile ad networks have evolved and will continuously evolve because ever since the world moved forward to the 21st century, mobile gadgets are being more useful and smarter to users.

Mobile ad networks can work as a system in order to deliver solutions that can maximize your company’s advertising strategies. Also, it provides tracking analytics and keep web of applications which deliver excellent results throughout a spectrum of outlets including the internet. This mobile ad network first made its appearance with the coming of the iPhone, which has confirmed to be the star of the advertising.

Mobile advertising is characterized as a game of digits, depending on simple calculations of anticipated income from every ad placement.  The mathematics is very direct—the more clicks that users generate, the more generation of revenue for the publisher. This sounds simple in theory but is much more complicated in the real marketplace, where a couple of factors particular for every certain network influences revenues  from the ads beginning from the real fill rate to the non-negotiable payment terms of every mobile ad network.

Hence, this is why developers have to evaluate numerous mobile ad networks prior to choosing the best one to partner with, taking into consideration each related statistic that can be attained.  Both qualitative and quantitative factors should be taken into consideration in order to get a whole image, beginning from fundamental monetary parameters and going on to involve more concrete aspects.

To help you choose an ideal mobile ad network for your optimized mobile business, here are some tips that can help you:

  • Check if your network involves a widespread reach in the locality. Does it have the ability to connect with native business advertisers? Actually, your network must be offering service to around sixty to seventy percent of neighboring mobile search apps.
  • Does your mobile ad network concentrates on localized content? If your answer is yes, your network would render ads straightforwardly to his neighboring customers. Your advertisements must be reaching individuals in accordance to their respective ZIP codes as far as possible in the locality instead of just the city level and so they are related in the locally and in a specified context.
  • Does your network provide Display and Search Advertising?  You are sure to obtain display and SMS ads on your own ad network.  However, what about Display and Search Advertising? Preferably, your mobile ad network must provide you both.
  • Other features of your mobile ad network must include:

—An evaluation of your focus audience as well as your campaign goal

—Seeking out if your ads could be purchased on a CPC or CPM basis. You could select the one which is suited to your limited budget

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