Yacht Maintenance

Yacht maintenance is an integral part of yacht efficiency. Like most things, your yacht needs periodic maintenance to function properly. Yachts like cars have engines and depending on the size of your yacht, its engine might be bigger than a car’s. This goes to prove the necessity of yacht maintenance to ensure the longevity of your yacht. There are several types of yachts and each of them would need separate forms of maintenance. For example, racing yachts will need a lot to look good and race fast in competitions, fishing yachts will not need that sort of maintenance as they will focus on optimal effectiveness. Generally, here are ten tips to help you stay on top of your yacht maintenance.

1. Servicing – Ensure you have scheduled servicing. You can enlist the assistance of a mechanic for this one.

2. Regulating fluid levels – Regulated fluid levels in your engine really make all the difference. Not all yacht maintenance tips are complicated and convoluted. This one is quite simple to execute yourself.

3. Battery – The battery of your yacht can be likened to its heart. A bad battery means the motor simply won’t work. To avoid this, check your battery as regularly as possible. Do this the same way you check the battery of a car.

4. Spare parts – It is important to have spare parts around in case you need a quick change. Some items to purchase are a fuel hose, a spark plug, clamps, and engine belts. These are items that are most likely to be replaced in your yacht therefore it is proactive to have them at hand.

5. Exterior – The exterior of your yacht refers to the covering, the paint, the wooden deck, and all the parts exposed to the open air. These parts of your yacht will need varying degrees of care. If you have windows they’ll need to be cleaned regularly. The body of the yacht should be wiped down regularly and taken for proper washing outside the waters. The wooden deck or other parts of the yacht with wood accents should be cleaned with wood specific cleaner. i.e if it’s oak wood, use an oak wood cleaner.

6. Interior – Finally, we have the interior. These should be cleaned regularly. You should clean it the way you would clean your home since it is indoors. If you have upholstery outdoors make sure it’s vinyl and covered when not in use.

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