Different Types Of Boats

A boat is a watercraft designed for smaller bodies of water. We must distinguish boats from ships. Ships are significantly smaller than boats and ships are designed for longer, deep-sea travel. Boats come in different sizes and can perform a vast number of functions. Here is a general breakdown of the various types of boats.

Categories of Boats

Before we delve into the various types of boats, we shall first discuss the categories of boats. Every single boat will fall under one of these categories. The categories are:


Human-powered boats are boats that use human power/strength/labour to move from one place to the other. A great example of a human-powered boat is the canoe. Examples of human-powered boats are:

1. Canoes – A canoe is a small and narrow longboat. It is usually propelled by two, four or eight people with even numbers on each side.

2. Gondola – A Gondola is a native boat of Venice. It is small, long, and narrow with a high stern and a high prow.

3. Kayak – A kayak is a one or two-person boat that is propelled through the use of a double blade paddle. Kayaks are significantly smaller than most canoes with only space for one or two passengers.

Other examples include banana boats and rafts.


Motorboats are boats powered by a mechanical engine. Motorboats are also called speedboats and powerboats. Motorboats either have an outboard motor or an inboard engine. Some examples of motorboats include;

1. Fishing boats – Fishing boats are bigger boats used for fishing. These kinds of boats will often have a lot of free space and a pulley that the fishing nets can be attached to.

2. Ski boats – Ski boats are small open boats with a windshield. They are usually used for drives across lakes. These boats usually have an outboard motor. They are not to be confused with a jet ski which is usually a single person motor.

3. Deck Boat – A deck boat is a leisurely boat. It is a smaller boat but it has a lot of deck space.

Other motorboats include bowrider boats, cuddy cabin boats, centre console boats, and cabin cruiser boats


Sailboats are smaller than sailing ships. A sailing boat is one that is propelled through the use of sails either partly or completely. Some examples of sailing boats are cutter boats, catboats, catamaran boats, and sailing dinghies.

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