6 Ways to Help Your Car Lose Weight

“Lightweighting” is a term used by car enthusiasts to describe the act of lightening the burdens of your car. Not only will it improve your gas mileage, but it can also make your vehicle’s performance much smoother and easy to control! Here are just six tips for lightweighting your car.

1. Replace Your Seats

If you have thick, heavy seats made of leather or another weighty material, consider switching them out for something a little lighter. You can still order them with ergonomics in mind; they just need to weigh as little as possible, so be sure to tell the manufacturer that.

2. Perform a Spring Cleaning

Clear all the sports equipment from your trunk. Get rid of all the heavy tools you keep under the seat “just in case.” Performing a thorough clean on your car can actually reduce its weight by 20 pounds or more, so the effort is very much worth it.

3. Change Your Tires

Heavy-duty tires are a complete waste of money if you aren’t riding in the wilderness at least once a week. For your daily commute, everyday tires are just fine; they’ll lessen the weight of your vehicle and improve your fuel economy in one fell swoop.

4. Buy Aftermarket Parts

Certain aftermarket parts are popular among the lightweighting crowd. For example, aftermarket exhausts are almost always lighter than the factory-issued exhausts that come with your vehicle, so swapping them out can put your car on an immediate diet. Talk to an auto shop or ductile iron foundry to learn more.

5. Embrace the Carbon Revolution

Carbon fiber is a great material that can be used almost everywhere on your vehicle. It looks and functions the same as regular car material, but it’s actually much, much lighter. Replace your hood with a carbon fiber hood today!

6. Buy a Lightweight Car

This can’t be done overnight, of course, but if you’re in the market for a new vehicle anyway, consider buying one that was made to be lightweight. Certain brands use aluminum and carbon to keep their vehicles weighing as little as possible, and you can benefit from their diligence.

These are just a few ways to reduce the weight of your car. There are many more, of course, but these should be enough to get you started. Try them today to enjoy a smoother, speedier ride from your vehicle!

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