Visiting New York? Check out Sadigh Gallery, Home to Authentic Ancient Roman Artifacts

Sadigh Gallery in New York City, is an ancient art gallery home to various authentic ancient artifacts. The gallery has an extensive catalogue of ancient coins and jewelry from many different cultures, including that of Roman culture.

Roman artifacts give insight to the legendary founders of Ancient Rome. Remus and Romulus are the center of the origin of Rome according to ancient Roman Mythology. It is told that Romulus and his twin brother Remus, sons of the God Mars who were suckled by a she-wolf after being left alone, decided to build a city. After a dispute, Romulus murdered his brother Remus and named the city Rome, after himself. It was around 8th Century BC that Rome grew into a kingdom. It was primarily controlled by the Etruscan until 9th Century BC, until the Sabine tribes overthrew the Monarchy. They then reinvented the governing system hence giving birth to the Roman Republic which will be discussed in the next article.

In the meantime, you can browse through a number of interesting Roman artifacts, as well as other cultural artifacts at the Midtown Manhattan gallery, or by visiting the website where you can subscribe to a full color catalogue. You will find items such as bronze Roman coins or shining gold and silver earrings. The Roman collection also features wide assortments of glass, gold, jewelry, and mosaic art, as well as other artifacts.

To enjoy the Sadigh Gallery Roman collection in the meantime please visit

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