The Very Best List of Gatherings That You Can Host in a Yacht

Whether for an intimate family gathering or a business event, the thought of having a yacht party in Singapore will almost always be a hit. In this grand activity, you’ll discover endless reasons why travelers and locals choose yachts as a party venue. By renting a yacht, you’ll have a private and magnificent place to celebrate life’s very best moments. Plus, these grand watercrafts can accommodate numerous guests, and already has an array of amenities that you desire. Yacht clubs also welcome a host of events, ranging from birthday celebrations to product launches. For anyone who is wondering what types of events you can host in a yacht party in Singapore, you should read the list below.

Top 5 parties to host in a yacht:

  1. Corporation events

As what have been mentioned above, corporations are starting to see the many benefits of hosting an event in a yacht. Quality yachts have grown to be a trend in impressing customers as well as rewarding or inspiring their staff to perform better. Whether or not the event requires a formal set up such as business dinners or laid-back team building activities, companies will not be unsuccessful with renting a yacht. It can also be used as a bonus travel since many marinas also provide tours around Singapore.

  1. Holiday break events

Considering of a venue where one can host a party to celebrate New Year’s Eve, Christmas, or Valentine’s Day? Search no more than yacht chartering. It gives you the gift of a hassle-free holiday celebration. With the aid of the crew and the Captain, there will be enough staff to assist you take care of the party requirements. They will also make sure that your event continues to be lively and exciting throughout the entire cruise. You only need time and energy to properly map out the event and you can transform that yacht into a wonderful holiday venue.

  1. Family occasions

Whether or not it’s for a special birthday or a wedding anniversary, your family and friends will always remember the event that you hosted aboard a posh charter yacht. Let your friends witness your life’s very best moments by inviting them to a great yacht party in Singapore. These private yachts allow you to come with an exceptional place to celebrate significant family milestones. You don’t even need to worry about the yacht’s decorations or even the menu for the dinner, since there are event coordinators and staff that will guide you during the entire event. These conveniences will give you reassurance that your celebration is a wonderful memory that a lot of of your guests will speak about for many years.


  1. Bridal or baby shower get together

If you intend to celebrate life-changing gatherings, be sure that it will be unforgettable by hosting it inside a yacht. Be it for a casual lunch or formal banquet, you can individualize an event that can reflect your style and persona.

  1. Racing events

There are private yachts that are particularly designed for racing events. Each of them already has all the features you need to make the most of the water activities. Gather your pals, rent a yacht, and enjoy a day filled up with exciting activities on-board.

In the event that you need to host gatherings, select a company that has all of the facilities and experience in planning and executing festivities onboard. Get in touch with Marina at Keppel Bay to make your dream occasion come true. Stop by their website for more information about their yacht party services.

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