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The travel and tourism industry today is worth over $300 Billion along with this comes the service aspect of the business. Providing clients with connecting flights, the right hotels & the services they require – all in all it is huge undertaking, one which most companies are driven to provide. The competition within this landscape is tough and cut throat. Based on service delivery and affordability, a majority of earnings are derived from relationships built based on sustainability. The service spectrum in the past decade or so however has changed. From visiting agents in person, the traveler can now go online, the click has indeed changed the experience.

Type into Google and an infinite set of websites appear each offering their own set of services, each one trying to be unique in its offering. The human element has disappeared from the front end and moved on to the back. Since 2003 Look4Trips has developed an online interactive portal which assists customers looking for some time away to compare deals and much more online. Combining technology with digital business, Look4Trips has created a synergistic effect whereby their customers are able to click online and out pops a comparison table. From hotels, to flights and much more the traveler is able to gauge how much to spend where and in doing so also stay in their specified budget.

Look4Trips has also modified their services to reflect their business model, a customer centric organization they are passionate about their overall service delivery model. Over the years they have worked on building a strong portfolio and invested in developing an experience led model for their customer to make it easy for them to discover and further create the ideal holiday for themselves. Working towards enhancing and encompassing a wide spectrum of customers, Look4Trips is now also available in over twenty four different languages and also supports pricing in various different currencies.

The business has positioned itself in order to grow, the use of ecommerce and online based web models are evident in its innovative presentation of easy to use menu and interactive pictorial representations of the destinations it offers. At different intervals of time and almost regularly throughout the year the website also offer discounts in order to enhance its offerings.

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