The Different Types of Divers: Which Are You?

Not all scuba divers are the same. Although they all have a love for diving, they enjoy seeing the diverse sea life, coral reefs, and remains of sunken ships and other vessels, no two divers are exactly alike. Scuba divers fall into different categories. Each of the categories below lists very specific things certain divers focus on.

The Scuba Diver who Loves Gadgets

Scuba divers who love gadgets have the best of everything. They have the most up-to-date gear and of course do not go on any dive without a dive computer. The dive computer will have maps, a compass, and perhaps even some games.  This special group of scuba divers will make any excuse to purchase the best equipment and the newest on the market. If you have a gadget loving scuba diver in your group more than likely, they will have at least one type of Surface Marker Buoy (SMB) that benefits the entire dive group. It is never odd for them to have a noisemaker as well.

The Scuba Diving Photographer

Some scuba divers want to ensure that they can keep a visual memory of what they see when they go on a dive. They will bring underwater cameras to snap pictures of the different fish, turtles, sea life, and other things they see while on a dive. These divers have mastered the art of taking pictures underwater with their sometimes-bulky equipment. Although some people may not understand this photographic obsession, they enjoy seeing the photos as much as anyone else does.

The Scuba Diving Videographer

The scuba diving videographer never goes on a dive without their underwater video equipment and light. They want to ensure that everyone in the dive group is able to see what they can even if they are not up close. Along with lighting up the area, these videographer scuba divers will document their entire dive to guarantee they capture as much time spent underwater as is possible. Their desire to videotape their experience gives them the chance to relieve the experience whenever they desire.

The Scuba Diver who Loves Nature

This special group of scuba divers enjoys the sport for one reason they love sea life. These scuba divers enjoy their time diving solely for one reason, they love to see and learn about all of the different sea life that lives in a specific area. If they have the opportunity, they will ask the diving guide countless questions about the different sea creatures and plants they see while on a dive. They may even carry with them a book to help them identify different species of fish, eels, sharks, and more.

The Deep Scuba Diver

When a diver books a dive – they will have one thing in mind, they want the dive where they can dive as deep as possible. They want to go on the dive that other divers bypass. When the deep scuba diver goes on a dive, they are the first one off the boat and return when they are on the brink of running out of air. They will push themselves to dive as deep as possible. Sometimes they attempt to dive deeper than their diving partner does if they can get away with it.

Which type of scuba diver are you according to those listed? Do you find yourself falling into one category or are you a combination. Whichever type of scuba diver you are it is always essential to utilize the standard and necessary safety rules and regulations to prevent injuries, illness, or potential death.

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