Saguaro with Changes

For thousands of years, two spirits have been native to the desert-lands of California and Arizona. One is the Spirit of the Pilgrim; the other is the Spirit of the Guardian. One stretches its arms towards the West in absolute piety; the other stands tall against the Heavens in complete solemnity. One is called the Joshua Tree; the other is known as the Saguaro.

My parents came to visit me from China in Dec 2014, and we decided to spend the New Year in awe of the desert guardian.

The major city closest to Saguaro N.P. is Tucson, AZ. However, as I consider it to be a very dangerous place, I always hesitate to pay a visit there. After a little research, I found out that a small city called Oro Valley is the perfect desert getaway, and it’s only 16 miles north of Tucson. I booked two rooms for me and my parents with the El Conquistador Hilton Resort. The rate was around $80 per night, which was unbelievable for a 5-star standard hotel.

We spent the afternoon right after our arrival hiking in the nearby Catalina State Park. On the other day we used Uber to visit the eastern part of Saguaro N.P. (no service on the west side). Thanks to Uber, our trip was very relaxing.

It snowed on the final day. It was a pity that we had to leave in the early morning. Otherwise, I would have recorded this rare and pure moment with my camera. Nevertheless, please immerse yourself in the wonder Mother Earth created.


 “and we decided to spend the New Year in awe of the giant cactus.”

Which one is the giant cactus? Many, but not all readers will know so it should be stated.

Otherwise, it could be:

“and we decided to spend the New Year in awe of giant cactuses.”

Cacti or cactuses? It’s your choice. Strictly speaking, both are correct, I like cactuses.

If the changes are ok, just copy and paste into a new document and the change notes won’t cross over.

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