Lamborghini Aventador – Travel In An Unmatched Supercar

If one has always craved to get their hands on a car that is an entire class apart, one has always turned to Lamborghini, the Italian supercar that never seems to go out of fashion. From its ultra-stylish exterior to its absolutely breath-taking interiors, Lamborghini excels in every aspect of car design and engine manufacture. Even though brands such as Ferrari, Mercedes and BMW have always given this Volkswagen supercar a tough competition in the market, it has always managed to give all its competitors a run for its money. The latest monster of a car that Lamborghini has let loose into the streets is Lamborghini Aventador that is stirring up quite a storm all over the world.  For those looking to live the dream, even if only for a moment, there are actually companies that will rent Lamborghinis to travelers in Los Angeles.

The “Aventador”

Famously designed as a car that belongs to the future, the Aventador from Lamborghini is a supercar where iconic look of the brand blends perfectly with much improved technology and flawless performance. Despite the many changes that Lamborghini has incorporated in its newest model, it has also made sure that no one can dare mistake it for some other brand than Lamborghini. The signature scissor doors, the crisp contouring, awe-inspiring color combinations and the age-old, famous V12 engines – Lamborghini knows just how to retain the essence of its brand without making it seem repetitive.

Getting into gear

Lamborghini Aventador is all about providing you with maximum comfort during your ride, and for that it has included modes of driving that have something for everyone. The ‘Strada’ is perhaps the slowest or laziest, allowing the driver to relax on the road, and switch between the seven-speed ISR. The ‘Sport’ mode is a little faster than the Strada, allowing the gear changes to be quite snappier than the former mode. However, if you want to really taste the caliber of Aventador and unleash its monster within, one just have to opt for the ‘Corsa’ mode, which is the ultimate mode for racing one’s supercar. The brakes have been encased in Carbon –ceramics that allows for smooth halting of this lavish ride, which weighs something around 1700 kg. There is no difficulty in bringing this supercar into an abrupt stop without much difficulty, even when the car is running at a speed that reaches up to 3 figures. Also, due to the impeccable design of the steering wheel, the overall control of the car body is never compromised.

Interior features

The interior look and technology of Lamborghini Aventador has made many car enthusiasts swoon with features such as digital dashboards that displays just about any car-related specification and luxurious car seats fit for any race track. Having said that, the only thing lacking in this otherwise heavenly and spacious car are some storage spots like a glove compartment.

The engine is a same impressive V12, which is Aventador’s signature engine, but with a twist. It is a lot more eco-friendly, with the introduction of the start-stop button and the cylinder deactivation technique that saves up to 20% fuel consumption, successfully serving 17.6mpg now.

However, if you want to buy this magnificent £260,040 ride right away, you are out of luck, because there is a minimum of 18 months waiting list. But once you get your hands on this jewel, it is sure to be worth the wait. The alternative of renting a Lamborghini is an option for those that do not want to burn hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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