Don’t know where to go on holiday this year? Visit Hong Kong Island!

Situated in the southernmost part of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region is the popular tourist destination of Hong Kong Island. When first occupied by the British in 1842 there were only 3,000 inhabitants but by the time the region was returned to China in 1997 the population had soared to over one million making it one of Asia’s most densely populated areas. The island itself is the second largest in the administrative region, smaller than its near and larger neighbour of Lantau Island with 7% of the total territory when land reclaimed from the sea is included.

If you are looking for some inspiration or simply don’t know where to go on holiday then this captivating island could well be the destination for you! The central area hosts the historical, political and economic epicentre of Hong Kong with ultra-modern shopping malls and famous sights, the middle of the island contains the highest ground which is ideal for hiking, here you also find beautiful country parks, to the north you will find the southern shore of Victoria Harbour with its deep waters ideal for the large container ships which transports most of the islands commerce. The population is made up of mainly people of Chinese decent with 80% speaking Cantonese and a sizeable proportion speaking English and a small minority speaking Mandarin.

There is much of great interest to see and do in Hong Kong and one visit is seldom enough to experience all on offer, many tourists are attracted here by this colourful and vibrant city with its energetic and lively atmosphere. To take advantage of the huge numbers of tourists who visit here all year round accommodation is attractive and competitively priced with many of the leading hotel groups investing heavily here with luxurious 5 star rated hotels to smaller budget minded accommodation. One of the best ways to see what the island has to offer is to take one of the many organized boat tours from around the harbour district, the tours are available during the daytime and looks even more spectacular at night when this grand metropolis is seen in all its brightly lit grandeur, like New York it’s a city that never sleeps and entertainment can be found 24/7. For a complete change of pace and lifestyle take a tour of the outlying islands and experience the special ambience and character of these mainly rustic islands with their quaint old islands, rugged coastlines shrines and serene temples. A great way of discovering about a city and its peoples is to tour at street level below the towering buildings you will uncover an amazing history, ancient traditions and numerous cultures co-existing effortlessly together alongside a modern society.

Some of the most popular tourist attractions include the Ocean Express Funicular Train and Cable Car offering unrivalled vistas of the island. It is located within one of Asia’s premier amusement and theme parks the 900,000 square metre Ocean Park Hong Kong. Within this amazing playground you can find Thrill Mountain, Aqua City, Old Hong Kong, Rain Forest, Amazing Asian Animals and a themed Polar Adventure area. Another premier attraction for family visitors is Hong Kong Disneyland with its seven themed lands, a real family playground. The city is renowned around the world for world class shopping experiences; it’s a true shopper’s paradise with Temple Street Night Market being a highlight of anyone’s shopping trip with amazing electronic bargains and an intense and exciting atmosphere throughout. Head for the beautiful and ornamental Wong Tai Sin Temple home to three religions (Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism) and make a wish, the temple is famous in these parts for making your wishes come true.

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