Brand Hotels Offering Useful Mobile Applications

Mobile technology has become an important asset for most brands. It would not be wrong to suggest that the hotel industry has started making use of mobile technology to the fullest.

How often you have made reservation into a hotel and checked in without asking for various services available in the hotel? How often did you book a spa, massage or ordered room service without asking a single person? In case you find it amusing, the fun begins soon enough.

Apart from making reservations, most brand hotels offer useful mobile applications to take things to the next level. They offer additional mobile features such as cheap deals, local information and complete concierge services.

Hotel guests have started using mobile more than before. They expect to use their mobile for almost everything. The increasing demand for mobile applications has made hoteliers enhance their ways to cater the guests with a unique experience.

Find below a list of five brand hotels offering useful mobile applications.

The Ritz-Carlton

The Ritz-Carlton mobile application caters the user with various concierge services such as local guides, special events, offers and reservation bookings. These services are available to the user during their stay in the hotel. However, an interesting feature in the application comprises an in-built QR code reader. Guests can make use of the application in and around the hotel. It enables them to unlock unique digital experiences associated with the specific hotel location.

For those looking for a budget hotel in South Mumbai, The Ritz-Carlton is a great option for people to have a unique hotel experience.

Mandarin Oriental

The Mandarin Oriental Hotel offers MO Hotels app enabling the user to make as well as modify reservations. The application can be used to view property details of various locations by making use of a communicable 3D globe view. The application can also be used to view city guides. By making use of the app, the user can view local offers and deals. Various mobile concierge services for making reservations for restaurant and booking appointments for hotel spa can also be done through the app.

Marriott Hotels The Marriott Hotel application enables the user to make reservation in the hotel and check-in a day prior to their arrival. The user can check-in to the hotel at their convenience after 4PM, one day prior to their arrival. The app enables the user to pick up an already programmed key-card at unique advanced check-in desks for mobiles. In case, the guests check-in to the hotel prior to their room being ready, the application would intimate the guests by sending a notification when their reserved room is ready for them.

W Hotels

The W Hotels application offers a myriad of cool features apart from standard making reservations and concierge services. The application comprises music streaming feature, which offers the user with a plethora of mixes by upcoming worldly DJs. Michaelangelo L’Acqua, a global music director of W Hotels has compiled the music mixes. The application also enables the user to place an order to their guest room. Even though, the app user is not a hotel guest, the application could be used to send something to surprise and treat the hotel guests. The app enables the user to make use of image-sharing function whereby the user could click snaps and share them directly.

Conrad Hotels

Hilton Worldwide based Conrad Concierge application acts as complete service concierge. The app enables the user to complete tasks such as organize airport transportation, choose a plethora of bath facilities to be fitted in their bathrooms, make reservations for hotel spa and order room service.

Apart from being an economic hotel in Mumbai, these brand hotels aim to cater the user with an ultimate living experience. The state of the art mobile app services add icing to the cake.

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