Why you need to download Spotify premium

Spotify is a free app but if you’re a person that wants more than just the standard sound quality, shuffle button, and limited online streaming then you should definitely get the premium.

Now there are other apps out there are offered free services versus Spotify but why do people use Spotify still and still prefers this versus the competition? There are competitions out there that would even offer their services for free! So why do people still choose Spotify versus other music apps out there in the market? You’re about to find out.

Songs: The lineup of songs is the strength of Spotify. With Spotify Standard (I just made that up) and Spotify premium is that it has a wide selection of songs. How wide? Just a rough estimate of over 30 million songs more or less! This alone would make Spotify the app for choice, not all (means most) of these other apps don’t even have half of the songs that Spotify have.

Pre-search options: It’s pre-search options will amaze you not just because if the wide selections of titles but also because of how it was compiled together, great for people that have no specific song preference but wants to search and listens to songs related to their experience, feeling or day.

Radio: Has a wide selection of songs that users will surely love. They got various genres offered that people can listen to no matter where and when, if you haven’t tried their radio function you should. Spotify has invested a great amount of time perfecting that.

Share: The family plan allows the user to share the premium to more than one person since it’s an app it can be maximized with the use of it’s connect function, Bluetooth speakers and sharing what the person is listening to social media.

Offline: Offline features address the battery issues by having this in-app download option so that the user or users for that matter can enjoy the app even if there’s no internet around to connect with.

With so many things that you can do with premium including more button options other than the dreaded “Shuffle” button, it’s very tempting to get the premium one. Some mentioned above are available in both premium and standard but its functions are enhanced in the premium version. So why do people still prefer Spotify? Because of these and there are even more options to come that will make the premium even better than before. With how Spotify is holding up right now, the future is indeed bright. They already have a steady flow of premium and standard users and growing, they have already been on par with the big apps in the business like iTunes and Google music. If you haven’t tried Spotify, you should and go premium once you fully maximized the use of the standard features and guaranteed it’s all you need, download Spotify premium now! This app is great for anyone, no age limit, no data limit, no location limit and even share limit (except for the number of people to share the premium service).


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