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Tequila The Healthiest Drink You Never Considered by Brady Bunte

When most people hear the word tequila, one of the first memories is of getting bombed on shots. Just as with any other alcoholic drink or cocktail, too much consumption often means harsh repercussions down the line. Brady Bunte however notes that when tequila is drunk in moderation, it is possible for the drinker to derive several health benefits that may even rival other popular options like red wine.

Recent studies conducted by the American Chemical Society (ACS), indicate that the agavins found in the agave plant may be helpful in promoting weight loss and controlling diabetes. The agave plant is the primary source of tequila, and agavins are a type of sweetener that is not easily absorbed into the body, unlike glucose and fructose. According to Brady Bunte, although the studies were only carried out on mice, the results were promising. Mice that ingested the agavins were able to trigger insulin production and enjoy lower blood sugar.  Obese mice were also able to lose weight with this addition to their intake.

Brady Bunte also points to the fact that agavins are a type of fiber and hence can help to make people feel fuller. When people feel fuller, they are more likely to easily adjust to smaller food portions as their appetite is reduced. Because of agavins ability to sweeten, be highly soluble, have a low glycemic index and not be absorbed, it is believed that with a little more development, it can make a highly beneficial addition to the diet of diabetics and those looking to lose weight.

On the flip side, those looking to gain weight or encourage their appetite may benefit from having a shot before meals. Brady Bunte clarifies that taking a shot before meals will stimulate appetite, while taking one after a meal will promote better digestion. Tequila’s ability to withstand stomach acids has also encouraged research into its possible use as a drug carrier for medications to the colon. Drug makers have struggled with drug delivery to the lower digestive tract, and hope that tequila compounds will prove the solution.

A further interesting health benefit is that tequila can break down dietary fat. Several years of study have shown that tequila can aid in the lowering of LDL, or bad, cholesterol levels, and promote HDL, or good, cholesterol. When taken in moderation, it is also useful in relieving pain from mild tension and headaches.

Another study conducted by ACS in 2010 also suggested that tequila contains a type of non-digestible carbohydrate, or fructans, that encourage the body to retain more calcium. Not only were the mice experimented on able to excrete less calcium, they achieved about 50% increase in levels of proteins needed to build bone tissue. Brady Bunte acknowledges that this research opens up the possibility of tequila being able to fight bone loss and alleviate the suffering of those with osteoporosis.

When it comes to alcohol consumption, many drinkers consider hangovers to be an essential cost of doing business. For tequila aficionados like Brady Bunte however, this is simply a myth perpetuated by people who lack basic knowledge as to what makes quality tequila. 100% agave tequila does not cause hangovers the next day. Brady Bunte points to the consumption of tequila drinks and cocktails that contain as much as 49% sugar based alcohol additives as the problem.

This means that in order to derive the health benefits that scientific research has linked to the consumption of tequila, it is important to make sure you pick out the right quality of drink. Experts like Brady Bunte recommend 100% agave tequilas as the best option, and that they should be enjoyed in moderation. Overindulgence of any alcoholic drink is not only unwise, it may nullify any health benefits that could have been gained.

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