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Over the last decade, cruises have gone from a luxury purchase to something more affordable, accessible and most importantly, desirable than ever before. Every year, more than 24 million people go on a cruise, resulting in the cruise industry making an astounding 37 billion dollars every year. These numbers are expected to grow exponentially as more countries enter into the cruise ship race, and as more people decide to take advantage of great offers and memberships.

That is why 2016 is the perfect time to step into the world of Global Cruise Club’s marketing partnership program. In January of 2016, Global Cruise Club will be launching its premiere service, and there are endless benefits to those who sign up early. We have an exclusive partnership with the biggest travel holding company in the world, whose clients include Orbitz and American Airlines, and that partnership combined with our expertise is what makes this a truly golden opportunity.

The “Business Lifestyle”

Imagine being able to offer your customers something with actual value and quality. With our Global Cruise Club, you’ll be able to offer them everything from exclusive premium cruises to special ‘cruise bucks,’ which are rewards that they can use to pay off portions of their cruise costs or if they have enough, the entire cruise!

The Next-Level Cruise Market

The cruise industry is experiencing unprecedented growth. With $37 billion dollars being generated each year and more and more varied clients purchasing cruises, it’s not a market to be taken lightly. Our exclusive offer will give you the ability to offer marketing opportunities to everyone from single spenders to families to retired seniors and everything in between.

Our company is run by experienced professionals who are considered the top in the industry. On our team, we have top cruise industry experts, travel experts, professional legal counsel, business development leaders—and more; all of whom are working towards making our company the best it can be, ensuring better revenue and marketing for all of our marketing partners.

We not only use traditional marketing but take full advantage of online marketing as well. Our exclusive online marketing tools will help you manage your online marketing with just a few easy steps. If you join up, you’ll have access to these professional tools, which include a Facebook posting engine, videos and other media content pre-made and ready to be used, as well as other helpful online tools that will let you make the most of online marketing.

This is one business opportunity that you definitely don’t want to miss. Join now and you’ll:

  • Expand your business and social networks while traveling the world
  • Have your own simple business with the income of a regular business—without the stress and time consuming work of an ordinary business
  • Take part in a global growth market that can help provide you (and your family) full-time or part-time income
  • Be able to offer clients a quality product—and participate in organizations such as Make a Wish, who send children and their families on cruises every year.

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