Best Italian Foodie Holidays

Italy is known for its food, and you are certain to find wonderful cuisine wherever you go. But where are the best destinations for the real foodies? Here are some suggestions to help you plan your holiday.


Although pasta, cheese and seafood are all popular in Naples, the city is most famous for its pizza.

It was here that pizza was invented as a food for the poor, but it soon spread and is now found in every corner of the globe.

Real pizza in Naples is cooked in wood-fired ovens, and only the best pizza can be called genuine Neapolitan after being certified. Quite simply, if you are a pizza fan, this is the place to go. For more information about what to do when you are in Naples, Lonely Planet has some great ideas.


Sicilian food is known for its distinct Arabic flavour, making it different from the cuisine of other areas of Italy. You’ll find lots of couscous eaten here, especially along the west coast, and the diet is rich in fruit and vegetables grown in the volcanic soil.

Vines grown near Mount Etna produce wonderful wines like Marsala, and you will also find seafood, and especially sardines, make up an important part of the diet.


Tuscany is famous for its food, and especially its truffles. You will also find dishes based on pecorino cheese, porcini mushrooms and the freshest extra virgin olive oil. Wine lovers will be in heaven, and make sure you visit at least a few wine and cheese tastings while you are here.


Bologna is the place for serious foodies, and it is well known for its culinary tradition. Not only is it the home of Bolognese sauce, but it is also famous for Tortellini, which is said to have been created here.

Food festivals to visit in Italy

As well as visiting particular destinations, you may also be interested in visiting the famous food festivals of Italy. Whether you see one of these, or you visit a number of them on a multi-trip holiday, here are a few of the best that you can enjoy on Italian holidays:

  • I’Primi D’Italia is held in Foligno in September every year. This festival focuses on starters and it lasts for three days. You will be able to enjoy tastings, demonstrations, classes and exhibitions, and you can also try numerous traditional dishes;
  • the Slow Food Festival in Turin is held in October each year, and this celebrates the slow food movement of traditional Italian cooking. Only local produce is used, and you will be able to taste authentic cuisine and visit the market over the four-day event;
  • Pizzafest Naples is held in September each year, and the 10-day festival is the ultimate way to discover the best pizza in the world. Visit workshops to see pizzas being made, and try out the different pizzas in various restaurants around the city that join in with the event;
  • the Truffle Festival is held in Alba every October and November to celebrate the white truffle season. Buy products related to truffles in the market, and enjoy the famous truffle auction.

Eat your way around Italy

Italy is one of the best destinations in the world for foodies. If you are planning your holiday and you want to make sure you enjoy the culinary highlights of the country, keep the above destinations and festivals in mind and make sure you get to enjoy the best food in Italy.

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