8 Travel Tips for Booking Cheap Flights and Hotels

BY Abdisalam FARAH

I had collected some useful tips to help you save money when you are booking your travel whether it’s short getaway or long deserved holiday. So whatever you are planning to undertake your trip today or you are still searching the perfect flights and hotels for your travel, these top travel tips might help you find the best deals, and may make your travel big easier.

  • Use the best travel search engines – Sometimes not all travel search engines show the same rates for the same destination; some travel search engines inflate flight and hotel costs as part of taking a big cut from the airlines and hotels. It is therefore worth comparing the prices between two different search engines before booking. BookMeFlight show the search result of many airlines and hotels at once, which gives you the opportunity to easily compare and pick the airline and the hotel that suits your budget.
  • Identify the cheapest day and season to book flights and hotels – As you probably already know, flights and hotels are dearer on the peak holiday months, than say off-peak months when less people travel; same goes for the days of the week. It is therefore worth to search the flights and hotels in different months and days of the week. This gives you an idea to identify which month and which day you pay the cheapest travel cost. The cheapest time to travel is often the off-peak seasons and weekdays when as many people are working, compared to the weekends when many people travel.
  • Book your flights and hotels in advance – As a rule of thumb, booking your travel earlier gives cheaper rates; it is therefore not advisable to wait until the last minute to book your trip. Always plan ahead and don’t wait until flights and hotels are full.
  • Choose Budget Airlines When Available – New international low-fare airlines options have made it easier to fly around the world on a budget. If your destination offers such flight you can travel the fraction of the cost; however be aware that budget airlines charge meals, drinks etc. The good news is that you can always prepare snakes for your trip if your budget isn’t allowing.
  • Fly indirect flight routs – If time is not an issue and you don’t mind flying few more hours then consider a flight with a stop-over. BookMeFlight displays direct and indirect routes which are often a cheaper option for you.
  • Beyond Cheap Flight Tickets: Look At Hotels Also When booking a hotel it is very good not to check only the room nightly rates, but it is wise to consider the hotels which are also giving offers, such as “buy two night and get a night free of charge”. There are also hotels which are giving other added values such as breakfast and spa etc.
  • Weigh your luggage before your travel – Some of us are often so busy about not forgetting their favorite dress or gadget that they find out that they are over their baggage limit and end up paying high unexpected charges. To avoid this, it is worth weighing your bags before you leave home.

Plan for the unexpected – Leaving home until the last hour? Is it possible that it is snowing today, or is there an unexpected traffic jam? Think ahead and plan accordingly. Leave extra time for traveling to the airport, time to deal with security, time to board the flight etc. Never wait until the last minute!

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